How to Foster Connection in Your Master-Planned Community

January 11, 2023

How to Foster Connection in Your Master-Planned Community

Master-planned communities are wonderful places to live due to their amenities and walkability, but for some residents, the prospect of making friends and building connections can be unnerving. It is easy to meet adjacent neighbors, but with thousands of homes and homeowners, how does one meet people, genuinely get to know them and foster connections? 

Luckily, most master-planned communities are already a step ahead. Homebuilders and real estate developers understand that when moving into a new community, forging relationships is essential to feeling at home. In many instances, developers have social directors on staff to help facilitate events and activities, but there are some basic community amenities and opportunities that help foster connections organically. 

A Mix of Spaces

Providing a mix of spaces to accommodate gatherings ranging from large soirees to small, intimate encounters offers ample opportunities for neighbors to meet, interact and become the best of friends. Clubhouses, pool cabanas, outdoor fireplaces and even the park bench in the pocket park make perfect spaces to meet new faces!

Community Events

A master-planned community isn’t complete without a community event director or social director to plan and coordinate a calendar of events and activities.  Themed holiday parties, bunco night, potluck suppers and many other activities encourage interaction to ensure neighbors meet one another, engage in the community and ultimately become fast friends. 

Live Music

Who doesn’t love live music? Connecting over a jazz concert with a glass of wine or simply enjoying campy tunes played on guitar by a roaring fire, there is no better way to make connections. The music venue can be a simple grassy area or as fancy as a built-in amphitheater; nature and music make great companions. 

Community Gardens

There is something relaxing about connecting with nature and working a plot of land. Master-planned communities that include community gardens create ways for residents to grow their favorite vegetables and flowers. Working alongside neighbors with similar passions for growing vegetables and eating freshly harvested foods nurtures friendships along the way. 

Community Farmer's Market

A thriving community garden can lead to a farmer’s market where neighbors can select fresh produce, teas, honey, and other weekly farm-to-table items. Whether hosted by community residents or held within the master-planned community with local farmers, this Saturday morning tradition is a perfect way to meet neighbors, share recipes and discover the ideal way to delight the senses with homegrown goodness.

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Human Scale Art Installations

Larger-than-life art installations along walking paths encourage residents to take photos (think Instagram moments). These sculptures and murals make fantastic community photos and provide the perfect places for neighbors to meet to walk the dogs, take a jog or just start a stroll to the neighborhood coffee shop.

Cafés And Flex Workspaces

What could be better than bumping into neighbors at the community coffee shop or café while the barista makes your favorite café au latte with steamed milk on top that looks like leaves one day and a coffee pot the next? Realizing you both love the exact beverage and discussing the mad skills that go into crafting the steamy hot creation you are drinking! 

Community Daycare

Dropping the kids off before work doesn’t have to be a mad rush when the daycare is in the master-planned community. It also affords the opportunity to meet the neighbors while you walk to school.  While your kids make new best friends, you are meeting other parents and discovering which kids play sports, take dance or ride horses together. 

Community Fitness

Community fitness, water aerobics, pickleball clubs, tennis and yoga classes are excellent ways to stay fit while meeting other people who enjoy the same sport. Often neighbors who meet while working out extend their friendship to include a healthy lunch or a visit to the juice bar. After that, the relationship may grow to include spouses, significant others and even the kids.

Social Clubs

From arts and crafts to a barbershop quartet, knitting club or pottery club, most master-planned communities will start a club if five or more people are interested in participating. Some of the most popular clubs are wine, gardening and cooking clubs. Active adult communities for those 55+ typically offer a plethora of choices of clubs and activities. 

Elevate Your Master-Planned Community by Fostering Connection

Neighborhoods that offer an abundance of clubs and opportunities for residents to get involved become tight-knit communities. If you are looking for ways to create the perfect master-planned community where home buyers will be clamoring to purchase a home, reach out to Milesbrand. We’d love to work with you to take your idea from land to brand. For more information on marketing your master-planned community, download our Guide to Master-Planned Community Marketing

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