Social Media Content Ideas for Home Builders

August 23, 2023

Social Media Content Ideas for Home Builders

One of the best ways for home builders to find success is by developing a connection with their online followers including potential home buyers and realtors. Social media platforms provide invaluable channels to communicate with customers and build greater trust between followers and the brand.

But to encourage your online target audience invested in your home building brand, it’s crucial to consistently post relevant and appealing content to keep followers engaged. Sharing social media content centered around your brand, your communities and homes, your work and your values is an incredible way to bring your brand to life and introduce it to the right audiences. Social media is an important strategy for home builders to successfully reach their target audiences. 

As a home builder, brainstorming enticing topics for your brand’s social media that effectively appeal to the intended target audience can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve created a list of social media content ideas for home builders to successfully promote their brand, share their work and connect with followers!

Showcase Your Homes and Communities

Whether through photos, videos or virtual tours, it’s essential to share professional imagery and videos of your homes and communities to your followers and potential home buyers.  People love looking at new homes and amenities and showcasing your finished homes, amenities and model homes is a great way to provide examples of your quality finished product offered within your communities to gain exceptional reach and engagement.

Along with high quality professional imagery and videos, be sure to include any relevant details about your communities, home designs and finishes that appeal to your target audience. This shows followers that as a home builder your company is truly invested in the homes it delivers and is passionate about providing home buyers with new homes of fantastic quality. It also offers a wonderful opportunity to showcase the variety of home designs and amenities you offer to your home buyers and homeowners. 

Another way to get followers invested in your homes and communities is by consistently sharing updates on your team’s progress. By the time the project a featured new home or amenity area is completed, it’s likely that posts sharing the progress will have high engagement as many followers will be excited to see the finished result.

Share Your Homeowners

There’s no better way to show homebuyers what it would be like to own a brand-new home built by your company than by sharing images of happy homeowners or upbeat testimonials from clients. This provides a great opportunity to show potential home buyers what they can expect from your home building company upon choosing to build a new home.

Reviews and other examples from previous home buyers and current homeowners are important to forming a positive brand appearance for prospective home buyers considering buying one of your new homes. By posting glowing reviews and images of enthusiastic new homeowners, prospective home buyers will be interested in joining in the excitement of building a new home with your company.

Encourage Engagement

Ask Questions –There’s nothing people love more than being able to share their thoughts with others and home builders can take advantage of that by sharing content that warrants responses. Your company's social media should encourage two-way communication between the you and your followers by creating posts that start a conversation. Questions should revolve around follower opinions to pave the way for open discussion and can be in various formats on different topics including:

  • Polls on home designs, finishes and amenities
  • This or that questions (For example: Do you prefer This or That Kitchen?)
  • Caption contests
  • Home buying or home building process questions
  • Favorite things questions
  • Thoughts about current housing industry news

Answer FAQs – Show followers that you truly listens to questions and comments by creating posts to answer frequently asked questions. This both ensures that the post is likely to receive great engagement as it is a common topic of interest and that followers will see that the brand cares about communicating and responding to them.

Q&A Sessions – To go one step further, consider hosting live Q&A sessions once a month or quarter with key members of your team to answer questions on the home buying process, timeline for building your new home, etc. Several home builders have found this to be a very successful option to engage with followers. 

Contests or Giveaways – Hosting a social media contest is a great way to increase engagement and lead generation. To easily add more prospects to the sales funnel, your brand can promote an easy-to-enter contest that is open to anyone and requires individuals to provide their contact information. The company can also partner with other respectable brands to provide amazing prizes, as well as cross-promote with other companies.

Share Company News

It’s important to provide followers with relevant, timely information on all of your social media platforms. The benefit of social media is that it provides an easy way to quickly spread the word about important news and updates so prospective home buyers and realtors can always be kept in the loop.

Share Community Involvement – Share posts about community involvement including community events attended or philanthropic efforts to demonstrate to customers that your home building company gives back to others and has a positive presence within its community. Along with showing the brand’s role as a community partner, this allows followers to learn about what causes the company truly cares about and how it helps support those charities.

Announce Successes – Posts about the company successes or awards serve to both provide positive content and stand as a testament to the quality of the work of your company and your team. People love to celebrate exciting news of others on social media, and this is a great way to increase engagement. Sharing the company’s achievements also gives the impression that the brand is worthwhile and speaks to its overall capabilities.

Be Personable

Share Your Story – Social media provides a valuable opportunity to set your brand apart, expand on the company’s values and share how they influence the company’s performance. By allowing customers to understand what drives the brand, they will be able to form a stronger connection with the company and the team behind it.

Introduce the Team – The brand is more than just a business, it’s a team. People gravitate toward friendly faces with personality, not faceless brands that offer no personable information. By featuring the company’s employees on social media, followers can get to know the faces behind the brand, which will create a deeper connection. It’s important to go further than promoting your homes and communities to humanize your brand and engage with prospective home buyers and realtors.

Celebrate Holidays – The brand can share simple posts to celebrate holidays and wish followers well. This is an easy way to show a lighthearted side of your home builder brand and ensure it stays top of mind for prospective home buyers and realtors even during times the company isn’t actively doing business.

Create Brand Hashtags – An exceptional way to build brand content is to create brand hashtags that can be used for a series of social media posts or special weekly highlights. These recurring hashtags can create anticipation from followers to see what will be posted for each unique hashtag whether it is #ModelHomeMonday, #FloorplanFriday or another unique hashtag specific to your homes and communities. You can also encourage others to use your brand hashtags, which will result in user-generated content that your brand can then reshare.

Show Appreciation

A great way to humanize your home builder brand on social media is to express gratitude to realtors, subcontractors, manufacturers, vendors or any other third parties the company works with. This demonstrates that your company truly cares about all individuals that contribute to the work it does. 

Not only does this benefit the brand by improving its image, but this also provides an additional opportunity for exposure by tagging another brand. The company mentioned is likely to engage with the post and share it with their followers, which enables the post to highlight the work both companies do, as well as expose each brand to new audiences outside of their typical followers.

Informative Content

A great way to go beyond showcasing your homes and communities the company is to provide informative and relevant social media posts that draw home buyers in and allows your team to nurture leads. By providing interesting information, followers can stay engaged with the brand no matter where they may be in the sales funnel.

Share Homebuyer Tips – Attract home buyers by creating content that directly appeals to their needs and includes topics of interest to them. For best chances of engagement, there should be applicable content for home buyers at varying stages, from followers who are first-time homebuyers on the hunt to those who are only just considering moving from their current home. Content ideas include:

  • Homebuying/Home Building Process
  • Financial/Mortgage Tips
  • Seasonal Decoration/Maintenance
  • Landscaping Tips
  • Home Maintenance/Repair

Discuss Current Trends – Creating posts about current home design trends shows followers that your company knows how to keep up with cutting-edge designs and can implement popular features and finishes into your new homes. Potential home buyers want to know that their new home will contain the best and newest in features, finishes and home design layouts, so home builders should always be able to demonstrate their expertise and knowledge of current trends.

Behind the Scenes – share with your followers behind the scenes of your new home communities and home designs by showcasing the construction process, from laying the foundation to move in day.

Post Industry News/Insight – Sharing insight from the industry demonstrates that you are truly an expert with a wealth of knowledge about home building. By consistently posting industry news, followers will be assured that your home building company can be trusted to deliver homes of high quality that are sure to meet the industry standards.

Work with Milesbrand to Create an Engaging Online Presence for Your Brand

Creating a successful social media presence for your target audience starts by developing a clear, defined brand identity that speaks to new customers. We specialize in creating value for brands by cultivating a successful brand positioning strategy that expresses the brand’s most compelling differentiation.

At Milesbrand, we can tactically market your brand to effectively increase its overall reach and engagement with potential leads. These strategic steps are the key to creating a successful social media presence that attracts and retains home buyers. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you establish a distinctive brand identity that truly speaks for itself, or visit our blog for more social media tips for home builders.

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