How to Select a Luxury Real Estate Advertising Agency

May 28, 2021

How to Select a Luxury Real Estate Advertising Agency

By now, you've likely realized how complicated and complex luxury real estate advertising can be. While the results can be phenomenal, it is challenging for most marketers to get it just right, considering all the ins and outs involved. In fact, it can take a lot of time and money to either delegate tasks in-house and/or find the right talent in the timeframe needed to be successful.

According to WARC, working with an agency can make all the difference. Their study found that over half of respondents (55.8% — up from 42.4% in 2012) say that their agencies contribute to between 11%-50% of business growth. They also report that clients saying their agencies helped them grow more than 50% have also increased slightly from 5% to 5.3%.

You can benefit from these numbers and more as long as you work with the right luxury real estate branding and advertising agency. Here are some important elements to remember when making your decision. 

Creative Design

Creative imagery, graphic design, and overall storytelling are imperative for successful luxury real estate marketing. Affluent home buyers are different from your typical home buyer. They make big purchasing decisions based on high-end features combined with emotion.

Using the right design techniques, your brand will communicate its value and tell a story. After all, your creative design is arguably your first impression, and consumers are only willing to give a brand seven seconds of their attention before forming their first impression. When done correctly, you will not only make a positive impression but a memorable one.

On the other hand, if your graphic design, brochures, website design, etc., are hastily designed, you have no chance of appealing to the right buyer with your message. You automatically look much less professional, trustworthy, and memorable than the competition. 

Milesbrand is known for its award-winning creative design and can provide the luxurious touches that your marketing campaign has been missing. Not only does our team win Nationals Awards consistently, but we took home the 2019 NAHB Nationals Gold Winner for Detached Community of the Year — Vivant. A community struggling to make sales was quick to make a turnaround after Milesbrand established a new name, logo, and graphic identity for the remaining 81 homes.

Defined Process

Luxury real estate marketing is an art form, and your advertising agency should have a well-defined process in place to maximize the potential of your marketing efforts. 

This process should at the least include these three important advertising components:

  1. Understands your brand identity
  2. Creates a unique and compelling story for your brand
  3. Takes that brand to market

The above three steps are essentially our three-step process to luxury marketing that offers the most value for our clients. We take the extra time to genuinely understand our clients and their ins and outs through our branding process, ensuring our strategic plan matches yours to a T.

With that information, your key differentiator is identified and positioned into an in-depth strategy. Then, we enter the market with a whole new launch of your brand for the company.

Combination of Marketing and Branding

If you're trusting your entire luxury real estate company to a strategic partner, they should be there from initial brand ideation through the final sale of a home. This is extremely important because you rely on this strategic business partner to get your company from point A to point B.

Their commitment to seeing you through to the end only further emphasizes the value of you to their business. After all, we don't just preach the importance of expressing how valuable your buyers are to you without also communicating how valuable you are to us.

From there, you need the right combination of marketing and branding from your chosen agency. A combination that can only be perfected by an agency dedicated to your brand and its goals throughout the entire process and experience.

This is because marketing and branding must function together to deliver truly exceptional results — you should have the creative experts in place to help ideate and differentiate a brand, as well as the marketing and advertising gurus to communicate that brand.

Industry Experience

Our decades of experience in luxury real estate marketing give us a unique understanding of traditional and digital advertising and marketing tactics that deliver exceptional results. While most businesses have to go through several trial and error experiences and the entire series of challenges associated with taking on a new venture, working with an experienced agency can help avoid many of these obstacles.

In addition, our long-time experience has also shown us the significance of prioritizing you and our three most important values:

  1. Respect — In every interaction (client and employee), we show respect through appreciation, empathy, and compassion.
  2. Full Engagement — our attention is always fully focused on the task at hand, whether that be creating a solution, being there for a fellow employee, and/or help a client reach their most important goals.
  3. Growth — by ensuring the personal and professional development of our employees, we also ensure that they can advance to their full potential, our company can expand to its full potential, and our clients can get the full benefit of our advertising expertise.

The Gold Standard of Luxury Real Estate Marketing

In an industry full of fierce competition, there's no doubting the importance of marketing. It's everywhere and for a good reason. The key is to be so much more creative and authentic than the others that your product shines in the light it deserves to be in.

With Milesbrand, you don't just get real estate marketing — you get marketing that empowers, influences, and connects with your audience; marketing that genuinely resonates with the right buyers through the most recent and relevant consumer data. 

After all, when it comes to luxury real estate advertising, the right agency will be the one that knows exactly what your buyers are looking for and how to deliver it to them.

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