2021 Year In Review From the Milesbrand Team

December 28, 2021

2021 Year In Review From the Milesbrand Team

2021 is quickly coming to an end, and it has been quite a year for our team at Milesbrand. We’re incredibly proud of all of our accomplishments, award-winning work and our new partnerships created in 2021. We are also honored to have continued our longstanding partnerships with our existing clients, including several partnerships lasting over 20 years.

From new clients to outstanding awards, fantastic client results, innovative work-style shifts and so much more, we have abundant reasons to look back on this year with pride!

At Milesbrand, we are blessed with a dedicated and professional team combined with strong home builder and developer clients allowing us an abundance of opportunities to create spectacular real estate branding. Our team has enjoyed a wonderful year, and we can’t wait to see what comes next. But first, we’re reflecting on the many milestones we’ve accomplished this past year.

Take a look below to discover some of our proudest achievements from 2021 and exciting highlights yet to come in the new year, as well as a word from Milesbrand President Dave Miles.

1. Our Marketing Strategies Produced 4,000+ Homes Sold and Generated over $2 Billion in Sales

We couldn’t be more thrilled to continue producing effective results for our incredible clients. Of course, we also know this accomplishment is made possible thanks to their wonderful trust and support! With our unparalleled industry knowledge and our clients’ beautiful homes and communities, we can accomplish a winning combination destined for success.

2. Dave Miles Named Presenter at the 2022 International Builders Show

As the new year arrives, our president will be presenting at the 2022 NAHB International Builders’ Show! Dave will be participating in Spotlight Session: 60 Design Ideas in 60 Minutes alongside other industry-leading architects, interior designers, developers and builders to share the latest design ideas and strategies ideal for elevating new homes, master-planned communities and amenities. We’re honored to be part of this industry-building experience and the opportunity to share our cutting-edge expertise.

3. Winner of 3 Gold Nationals Awards

We brought home the gold at The Nationals this year! This awards show celebrates North America’s best new-home sales and marketing and recognizes outstanding achievements. We received accolades for both Milesbrand and our client Solstice, an outstanding master-planned community by Shea Homes. These awards included:

• Best Radio Commercial/Campaign – Solstice
• Best Email Marketing, Banner & Rich Media Marketing – Solstice
• Best Website for an Associate – Milesbrand

4. Winner of 7 Gold MAME Awards

Our team was ecstatic to be awarded several accolades at the 2021 Denver MAME Awards! Presented by the Sales and Marketing Council and the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver, the awards honor top industry leaders among builders, developers, architects, interior designers, sales, marketing and construction in the Denver homebuilding industry. We achieved this amazing feat thanks to our fantastic real estate branding and marketing work with client Solstice. We were honored with seven awards in the following categories:

• Best Logo Design
• Best Graphic Continuity
• Best Brochure
• Best Print Ad
• Best Overall Advertising Campaign
• Best Website - Builder/Community
• Best Digital Marketing Program

5. 1 New Addition on the Way!

Our Director of Business Development, Genevieve Benson, is welcoming a new baby girl in January 2022. Last year we announced the birth of her first child Claire. Claire is excited to be a big sister! We’re so excited about this new beginning for Genevieve and her family! We wish her family all the best, and we can’t wait to meet their newest addition in the new year.

6. 16 Branding Processes Completed

We take pride in continuing to produce cutting-edge creative strategies that take our home builder, master-planned community, developer and corporate clients to the next level. This year, we conducted 16 branding processes for new clients including our 3 Step proprietary branding process.

7. 100% Client Retention Rate

In 2021, we maintained a 100% client retention rate – a testament to our strong commitment to our client’s success. We take pride in becoming our clients’ “most-loved” strategic partner, and we’re excited to see that our hard work pays off. Our ability to connect with people has defined our brand for over 30 years, and it’s led to remarkable partnerships for our team. We enjoyed another full year filled with opportunities to produce phenomenal strategies for our remarkable clients again and again. We’re excited to see what our future holds, and we’re grateful that all of our clients are ready to follow us on this incredible journey to success!

8. 16 New Clients Added

We couldn’t be more thrilled to continue producing effective results for our incredible clients. Of course, we also know this accomplishment is made possible thanks to their wonderful trust and support! With our unparalleled industry knowledge and our clients’ beautiful homes and communities, we can accomplish a winning combination destined for success.

9. 100+ Content Rich Blogs

We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and expertise in our field and we are proud to have created and shared over 100 content rich blogs in 2021. Our blogs range from topics on real estate (home builder and master planned communities), corporate branding, creative placemaking, digital marketing, social media and online sales strategies.

10. 100% Virtual Office including our General Manager, Kelly Fink in Atlanta, GA.

In 2021, Milesbrand officially transitioned to working remotely – an exciting change that has led our team to new opportunities and flexibility. Our 100% Virtual Office model allowed us the opportunity to invite General Manager Kelly Fink to join our team! Kelly is a native Atlantan with 25 years of experience and joined our team in January 2021 and continues to reside in the Atlanta area.

11. 100+ Hours Dedicated to Professional Development & Growth For Our Team

Our repertoire is always expanding to provide enhanced value for our real estate and corporate clients. That’s why our team enjoys the benefit of dedicated time meant to further each member’s professional development and growth. This intentional focus leads to individual progress, business growth and innovative opportunities for our team members and clients. In 2021, we compiled over 100 hours committing to nurturing our team’s talent and finding opportunities to enhance our professional skills. One of our biggest initiatives focused on presentation coaching for our team members.

A Note From Our President: The year of living courageously and creatively.

As 2021 ends, it’s a good time to reflect on the many positives the Milesbrand team experienced this year and to express our gratitude to all involved.

One of the most significant achievements of 2021 has been our commitment to remote work. It is difficult to estimate the efficiencies we experienced from not having to commute, but some team members are saving up to 90 minutes per day! Additionally, this new practice has made it possible to work with people throughout the country, as evidenced by the hire of Kelly Fink as our General Manager. Kelly is a 25-year industry professional and two-time Nationals Award Winner for Marketing Director of the Year who lives in Atlanta. Two years ago, it would not have been possible for Milesbrand to work with Kelly remotely. Today it is a reality for our entire team.

In early February, Milesbrand won three Gold Nationals Awards at The International Builder Show, bringing our total to 116. The Nationals is the National Association of Home Builders’ largest and most prestigious awards competition. Each year, The Nationals celebrates North America’s best new-home sales and marketing and recognizes outstanding achievements.

Later in the year, Milesbrand took home 7 Gold MAME Awards presented by the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver. Another strong showing of creative excellence.

One of the year’s true bright spots was the addition of 16 new clients, a 50% increase over 2020, for which we are very excited and thankful. 16 new opportunities to do the best work of our careers!

And with that growth, every Milesbrander knows exactly how the company is performing, and how they will share in the profits, thanks to our long-standing practice of open-book management. Reviewing our income statement weekly keeps each team member informed about our expenses, growth rate, profitability, and most importantly, job security. What a blessing.

And finally, as we head into a two-week holiday break, we are eagerly awaiting the birth of our Director of Business Development, Genevieve Benson’s second child, expected in early January. One of the best things about this blessed event is that Genevieve will be able to take three full months of maternity leave with full pay and benefits.

Only one word can express how we feel about 2021: gratitude — to our families, to our Milesbrand team members, to our clients, and to the wonderful industry we are fortunate to work within.

Thank you.
Dave Miles, President


Join the Milesbrand Team as We Prepare for Another Successful Year in 2022!

This year, our team has experienced amazing growth, gained fantastic opportunities to share our expertise and achieved outstanding results for our clients! We can’t wait to see what comes next, and we invite you to join us as we begin a brand-new year sure to be filled with creative brand strategies, imaginative innovation and plenty of memorable branding results!

Whether you are rebranding or developing your real estate brand for the first time, our branding experts can’t wait to help! Contact our team to find out more about how we can help you create a successful real estate brand with award-winning creative design, powerful strategies, and expressive storytelling that is impossible to forget.

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