Looking Ahead: 2022 Home Builder Digital Marketing Trends

December 16, 2021

Looking Ahead: 2022 Home Builder Digital Marketing Trends

This year, we saw a plethora of changes in home builder digital marketing and now we’re looking ahead to the trends that will continue to flourish in 2022. Home builders must stay on top of these evolving digital marketing trends to effectively satisfy changing homebuyer demands.

Don’t get left behind by failing to stay updated on the latest marketing strategies. 2022 is approaching fast, and we’re looking to the future by sharing the home builder digital marketing trends bound to make a mark! Although not every trend is new, these digital marketing tactics are a few of the most essential strategies for attracting and engaging target audiences going into the new year.

Mobile-First Websites

Today, more than half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. What does this mean for home builder digital marketing strategies? Mobile-optimized experiences are highly important for engaging homebuyers who are discovering your company online. To ensure they receive a satisfying experience, your website should prioritize functionality and speed for mobile visitors.

Designing a home builder website that is optimized for mobile requires several changes to attract customers and keep them engaged during their visit. The website should offer versatile design features to accommodate both mobile and desktop users – both audiences are still important! Focus on making the site attention-grabbing by including more imagery and less text, as well as an easy-to-navigate site menu. Users are typically impatient, and this also means prioritizing a quick load time is critical for keeping visitors on your website.

Improving your website’s content quality and load times can significantly improve your visitor experience and lead to longer time spent on site. As that onsite time increases, your website will be viewed by search engines as more relevant and gain a higher ranking. The higher your search engine ranking, the more visible your company is and the better its chances are for attaining greater lead conversions and increased sales.

Sharing Social Proof

Consumers crave authenticity and transparency from brands now more than ever. Although brands can make considerable efforts to build trust with consumers, this only goes so far – a study even showed that 57% of consumers believe less than half of a brand’s content is authentic.

It turns out that those who hold the most power in revealing the quality of a brand are the business’ own customers. The same study indicated that 60% of consumers said they view user-generated content (UGC) as the most authentic and influential as they form brand opinions. As home builders continue to compete for homebuyer trust, building their online testimonials and encouraging UGC will be great ways to offer social proof to prospective leads. Rather than singularly focusing on producing content shaped to perfection, home builders should consider expanding their digital marketing strategy to highlight their brand authenticity through impactful consumer-created content.

Snackable Video Content

Utilizing short video content continues to be a leading home builder digital marketing strategy, and that’s not expected to change in 2022. Consumers find video content both visually appealing and an easy way to discover more about a brand and its services.

Don’t underestimate the value of video – take a look at these compelling statistics that demonstrate the value of utilizing video content in your digital marketing strategy:

  • 69% of users prefer to consume short videos
  • 85% of users want more video content from brands
  • 87% of marketers believe video leads to a positive ROI
  • 90% of consumers say videos help them make purchase decisions

Any type of visual content is especially important for home builders – what better way to show off your work? Homebuyers crave both high-quality photography and videography that delivers a glimpse into your new communities, homes, amenities and lifestyle opportunities. Home builders will find success in sharing video content that is engaging and informative for prospective homebuyers including home tours, answering FAQs, customer testimonials and details about your homebuilding process.

Increased Use Of AI

Although artificial intelligence (AI) has maintained a strong presence in the digital marketing landscape, many marketers are starting to increasingly incorporate this technology into their strategies to modernize their digital marketing process. From SEO to digital strategy creation, content planning, email marketing, customer engagement and advertising, AI-powered technology is becoming capable of streamlining digital operations throughout several marketing platforms.

There are so many ways to start using AI-based features within your home builder digital marketing strategy. Companies can now use chatbots to provide programmed responses to homebuyers, automate your SEO process to receive timely feedback on optimization success or utilize AI tools to simplify your digital advertising and more. Soon, the possibilities for enhancing your home builder digital marketing with AI-powered technology will become endless.

Quality-Over-Quantity SEO Strategies

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key digital marketing tactic that leads home builders to success. Previously, home builder digital marketing has focused on outsmarting the system with content that is saturated with high-quality keywords. This content strategy is meant to achieve a strong SEO with high search traction, rather than provide valuable information – the true purpose of SEO.

Today, search algorithms are quickly becoming more advanced and capable of determining the contextual value of online content. This means home builder digital marketing strategies will need to make changes to their content production to continue gaining strong search traction. Instead of crafting content with performance goals, home builders need to understand both what and why behind homebuyer searches are conducted to deliver meaningful content that speaks to their needs. In 2022, online content should be delivered with the intent to provide value and an excellent experience for the intended audience to improve searching rankings and lead conversions.

Push For Personalization

An important digital marketing truth is that consumers strongly enjoy personalized experiences. According to 51% of marketers, improving their personalization efforts is their top priority. No customer is the same, which means your marketing strategies should not be one-size-fits-all either.

Tailoring content for specific audiences is a great way to demonstrate to your target audience that they are valuable and appreciated. Sending personalized messages can also play a role in capturing the attention of prospective homebuyers and gaining new leads. Making buyers feel heard has lasting effects and it can overwhelmingly strengthen your relationships with customers. The stronger your connections are with your homebuyers, the more likely they are to become confident brand advocates that help you build trust with new customers.

Every touchpoint and communication should be seen as an opportunity to meet the specific needs, preferences and expectations of your homebuyers. Consumers receive bids for attention from so many companies through several mediums – why not make yours the one that sticks out?

Privacy-Focused Advertising

Although digital advertising strategies often rely on personal data to optimize targeting, privacy is becoming a greater priority for consumers. Both Apple and Google, two digital giants, are both taking steps to provide greater data protection to audiences through system updates and the removal of cookies. Home builders must keep up with the needs of their homebuyers and adhere to calls for more privacy by adjusting their ad strategy with a less invasive approach.

Focus on Sustainability

There is growing importance placed on relevant issues among consumers including sustainability and environment-friendly solutions. Even if your company does not place a heavy focus on eco-friendly practices, it may be valuable to consider where adjustments can be made. Research shows that 77% of consumers make purchases from brands that share their values. After making any changes, you can share your shift toward sustainability throughout your online presences to build awareness and capture homebuyer attention. Homebuyers are seeking new homes created with green values, and the businesses that prioritize this are likely to experience popularity in the upcoming year.

Ready to Boost Your Home Builder Digital Marketing Strategy for 2022?

It’s crucial to adapt to the changing home builder digital marketing trends to remain relevant and appealing to your homebuyer – and that’s where we come in! Don’t stress about keeping up with the latest strategies, we’re here to help your real estate brand stay on the cutting-edge of what tactics and strategies best capture the attention of your prospective homebuyers.

Milesbrand is prepared to help you leap into 2022 with an effective home builder digital marketing strategy! Reach out to our team to learn more about how we can develop powerful marketing strategies and set your brand up for success in 2022!

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