Easy-to-Use Social Media Marketing Tools for New Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

August 07, 2022

Easy-to-Use Social Media Marketing Tools for New Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

Social Media is an important part of any marketing strategy, and that’s especially true in the ever-evolving world of real estate marketing. Home builders, developers and Realtors® need good social media management to drive leads, build brand awareness and ultimately make sales.

Launching a new home community or a new campaign for an existing community or homebuilding company takes time. Social media is a critical part of building awareness for a brand or a campaign. It takes time, but you can expand your reach with a bit of consistent effort each week.

Why is Social Media Marketing Important for Real Estate?

When it comes to real estate, the importance of social media marketing goes far beyond just posting a picture. Consistent branding on social media platforms can boost for home builders and developers in building and maintaining their connections with homeowners and potential buyers. Home builders can also use social media to gather feedback, market their new and upcoming homes, and sell the specific lifestyle their communities offer.

Why are Social Media Management Tools Essential?

Social media is key to any successful marketing strategy and using a social media management tool is the best way to maximize your social media content. The right social media tool can offer tremendous benefits, including:

  • Simple management for multiple accounts
  • Scheduling of posts for several social media platforms from one single program
  • Targeting specific audiences
  • Boosting posts on Facebook to build engagement
  • One inbox for easy management of messages, filtering conversations and setting priorities

Whether you are managing one social media platform or five, it’s essential that you use the right tools and resources to reach your highest social media potential. For example, when using Facebook for your real estate or homebuilding business, ensure you use all the features that Facebook offers – including ads!

Social media management options and social media marketing tools are abundant! Here are a few of our favorites:

Recommended Social Media Tools to Maximize Your Social Media Results


Social media platforms are all about visual content! Posting low-resolution photos and boring videos just won’t cut it. Canva allows the creation of intriguing social media posts and beautiful graphics that are sure to catch viewers’ attention. This free-to-use program provides over 250,000 templates, more than 100 different design types and 1 million free photos and graphics. With a drag-and-drop system, Canva makes it easy to upload and edit your real estate content.

Canva offers many editing features, including elements, text and audio. Elements are objects available to enhance your visual projects, such as shapes and lines, graphics and animated stickers. Adding customized text that perfectly represents your brand is made simple with various font styles, combinations and effects. Canva also has a collection of free audio tracks that can add a fun flare to video content.


Available on Instagram and shareable on Facebook, Reels are a popular way to share video content with followers. Whether you want to share a walk-through tour of a new model home or a slideshow of professional photos taken of a recent project, Reels provide the ability to showcase real estate content in an exciting way. To ensure your Reels perform, we recommend using currently trending audio on Instagram.

WordPress Blog

Having a blog to share long-form content is essential to a robust social media program. A blog offers a platform to share in-depth information about topics related to your company, positioning you as an expert source of information about new homes, the buying process, development or whatever your specialty! Blogs are then ideal sources to feed content to your social media platforms that drives social media followers back to your website.

We love WordPress for blogs, thanks to its ease of use, SEO capabilities and reliability.


Creating connections within the real estate world can sometimes be tricky. With a platform like LinkedIn, professional relationships can easily be made online. LinkedIn is mainly used for industry connections and career growth. This social media platform allows employers to post available jobs and job seekers to post resumes.

LinkedIn also helps home builders and developers extend their professional network and engage with local agents, homeowners and potential home buyers. With over 750 million members, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for sharing job opportunities, new real estate listings and industry information.


Managing multiple social media accounts through several different programs is confusing. With a social media management tool like Falcon.io, you can manage all your accounts in one location. Falcon allows social media content to be scheduled and published to platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Other programs like Hootsuite, Agorapulse and HubSpot also have these capabilities. In addition to providing insights like audience engagement and performance growth, these sites also offer robust reporting capabilities and allows you to monitor conversations with and about your brand.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is still the powerhouse social media platform for most businesses, especially for advertising and reach. Businesses can have a presence on Facebook at no cost, but without the effective use of ads, a business’ reach and engagement will remain low. Despite limited targeting capabilities in the special housing category, Facebook ads are still an effective way to find potential leads in the early stages of their homebuying journey.

Marketing Real Estate on Social Media

Instant engagement and targeted advertising are just two of the many benefits of social media for real estate. When creating a marketing strategy for a real estate company, it is important to research your potential customers so you can create social media visuals and content that specifically appeal to them.

The above tools can help transform your social media presence to develop a bigger audience for your real estate or home building business. Enhance your social media marketing tools, and knowledge and your real estate business will thrive in no time!

Looking to expand your branding, improve your marketing plan or build your social media engagement? Do you lack the time or staff to manage your social media efforts? Milesbrand is here to help! We are a full-service agency dedicated to the real estate industry, offering branding services and traditional and online marketing services. Contact us today to learn more!

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