Giving Thanks – Reflections from the Milesbrand Team

November 22, 2022

Giving Thanks – Reflections from the Milesbrand Team

There are so many things to be thankful for, including good friends, favorite meals, a smile from a child, the great outdoors and, of course, great clients and our talented staff. As we start the Thanksgiving holidays this week, we reflect on the year to date. Although the real estate market has been full of ups and downs and constant change, we have enjoyed creating fantastic outcomes for our homebuilder and developer clients. We are thankful to our clients for putting their trust in our process and helping us create award-winning work with excellent returns on investment.

Each team member took a moment to reflect and share what they are thankful for. Here they are.

Our Team Gives Thanks!

“I am thankful to be able to spend the majority of my time doing things I am passionate about. I get to spend time with my family on beaches, in mountains, and on rivers, where my heart comes alive more than I can express. I get to create great jobs where great people are empowered to express their creativity and intellect from anywhere in the world. I am thankful for my faith and for faithful friends. I am thankful for my health, for freedom, and to be an American citizen.” – Dave Miles, President & Brand Strategist

“I am thankful for the health and happiness of my family.” – Bill Sievertsen, Director of Client Services

“While sad for those we’ve lost, I’m grateful for those we still have.” – Dan Ferguson, Chief Financial Officer

“I am thankful for my family, my friends and all the people that I love. I have such amazing people all around. That includes all my coworkers and clients. I am incredibly thankful that I get to do this job and work in this industry!” – Corie Flemister, Director of Client Services

“I’m grateful for the advances in immunotherapy cancer treatments. It has afforded my family and me the greatest gift of all, more time with my Dad. I’m thankful for my two beautiful daughters and my loving husband. I’m thankful that I look forward to coming to work every day because I love what I do, and I have an amazing support system at Milesbrand. I’m thankful for an industry that continues to support my family and me.” – Genevieve Benson, Director of Business Development

“I am grateful to trade commutes for sunset walks with my dogs, to have family and friends that are supportive when life sparkles or stumbles, and for opportunities to learn and explore.” – Deb Wesler, Visual Strategist

“I am thankful each day for my wonderful family, my health and being a part of a fantastic company like Milesbrand. I am grateful for my thoughtful and loving husband and my amazing children, and the life we have created. I feel blessed to work with such talented people and the ability to work from home, providing a healthy work/life balance.” – Kelly Kenton Fink, General Manager

“I’m grateful for a wonderful family, lifelong friends and the laughs we share, but most of all, Fridays, bourbon and cigars.” – Eric Aluise, Visual Strategist

“I'm thankful for my beautiful wife and two brilliant sons, all three of whom bring light to the world and make me want to be my best self.” – Chris White, Visual Strategist

“I am thankful for my friends and family.” – Jamie Russell, Digital Acquisition Manager

“Every year that passes, I become more and more thankful for my family. My love and appreciation for them goes beyond anything we could measure.” – Eric Alvarado, Accounting Specialist

“During this holiday season, I feel grateful for my health and the health of my family, friends, and colleagues. Health makes all other things possible. I’m also grateful to have so many freedoms and to be surrounded by people who want to make the world a better place for everyone. I’m grateful to work in a positive, creative environment with supportive colleagues and opportunities to learn, grow and thrive overall.” – Diana Paschal, Brand Coordinator

“I’m most thankful for my healthy, loving family. I’m also very thankful to do what I love for a living. Life is good.” – Shane Kendrick, Visual Strategist

“I am thankful for surprises. I agree with the poet who said they are the greatest gifts life can grant us.” Peter Bell, Senior Writer & Strategist

“I am grateful for the ability to be present with the ones I love and to savor the conversations, the laughter and the love we share with one another.” – Trish Rodgers, Controller

Why Being Thankful is Important

Here at Milesbrand, we work to cultivate thankfulness. We are thankful for our client’s problems and challenges because this is why we have our careers, and ultimately providing solutions brings us much satisfaction. We are grateful for our team and everyone’s talents and skills. We are thankful for the friendships we have built within our team and the professional relationships we have created with master-planned developers, interior design/merchandisers, and home builder marketing professionals.

When you work with Milesbrand, the world’s most awarded real estate branding and marketing agency, expect high-end, memorable branding solutions that push the boundaries of creativity and take your company to the next level. Contact our team to learn more about how our team can build a strategic partnership for which we can both feel grateful!

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