How to Gain and Maintain Trust as a Homebuilder

August 15, 2023

How to Gain and Maintain Trust as a Homebuilder

In today’s housing market, it is tricky at times for home builders and real estate developers to gain and maintain the trust of homeowners and home buyers. From increased pricing, fluctuating supply chains and unpredictable construction issues, homebuyers are becoming more and more particular when selecting a trusted home builder to deliver their ideal home.

Here are a few of our tips for gaining and maintaining trust as a home builder or real estate developer. 

Create and Maintain an Effective and Up to Date Website

Having a good home builder website plays a vital role in building trust with prospective home buyers in today's digital age. A well-designed, user-friendly website that showcases high-quality images, detailed home designs and clear descriptions of the home buying and building processes not only provides transparency but also offers potential clients a sense of the builder's professionalism and attention to detail. Additionally, integrating customer testimonials, industry awards and certifications enhances credibility. The availability of relevant and accurate information allows home buyers to conduct comprehensive research at their own pace, instilling confidence in their decisions. Home builders should also offer easy ways for prospective home buyers to request information and ask questions via options like Live Chat, online forms, and Online Sales Consultants. Offering prospective home buyers’ quick responses to their inquiries assists in gaining trust during their home buying experience.  In essence, a well-structured home builder website serves as a visual handshake between the builder and the potential buyer, creating an initial level of trust that is crucial in the home-building industry. 

Testimonials Offer Validation

Home buyer testimonials are a powerful tool to build trust with prospective clients, as they provide third-party validation. These real-world insights into the quality of work and customer experience offered by a home builder allow potential home buyers to hear directly from previous clients who have gone through the homebuying process with that particular builder. By sharing their personal stories, successes, and even challenges, previous buyers offer an authentic, unbiased view of the builder's reliability, professionalism and attention to detail. Testimonials humanize the company and make it more relatable. For many prospective home buyers, these endorsements from real people provide reassurance and can tip the scale towards choosing one builder over another, enhancing the overall trust in the builder's ability to deliver on their promises.

Be Transparent and Set Expectations

Building a home is a huge commitment, which is why home builders and real estate developers should prioritize setting realistic expectations and staying completely transparent. A key to holding the trust of a homeowner or home buyer is letting them know upfront the forecasted project timeline, possible hiccups in the home building process and the dedication your team puts into delivering the home of their dreams!

While exceeding the customer’s wants and needs is the goal of every home-building project, it is crucial for a home builder and real estate developer to meet expectations. This means delivering on promises and not overpromising. Be transparent in explaining the services offered by the homebuilding company, and never bite off more than you can chew.

Communication, Communication, Communication

Communication is everything when it comes to building a home! From the beginning of construction to the final touches, home buyers want to be involved in the process and appreciate it when home builders and real estate developers keep them informed throughout the home buying process, including the good and the bad. 

A recent study performed by Project.Co states that 99% of people think it is essential for businesses to communicate with them as a customer effectively, and 68% of individuals say they’ve stopped working with a company and moved on to a competitor due to poor business communication. Needless to say, communication plays a huge role in gaining trust as a home builder.

Always be Prepared

It is hard to be overprepared! As a home builder, customers expect you to be one step ahead of the process. Build trust with homeowners and prospective home buyers by being prepared with backup options and solutions to potential issues before they arise. 

From budgeting and construction to building and designing, it is not uncommon for home builders to run into issues while building a home. Staying prepared for the worst offers clients the best possible outcome.

Build Home Builder Trust with Milesbrand

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