Home Builder Social Media Tips: Engaging with Followers

July 20, 2021

Home Builder Social Media Tips: Engaging with Followers

Social media is centered around engagement. As it provides an effective channel to increase outreach to new audiences, social media also offers an incredible opportunity for home builders to build a stronger connection with their target audience. When considering what places a brand among the best, 46% of consumers say it’s important that they engage their audience.

Creating opportunities to engage with followers by posting interactive content, asking questions, listening to responses and sharing brand personality enables home builders to enhance their business and gain a greater following. When followers see a brand as an entity that extends beyond its sales and encourages open interaction with customers, this builds necessary trust and a solid brand relationship.

Cultivating an inviting social media presence through active engagement is one of the first steps to promoting brand growth. Take a look at our tips for engaging followers to enhance the brand’s online presence and improve reach with the brand’s target audience.

Develop Brand Personality

To differentiate the brand, it’s crucial to develop a brand personality and voice that resonates with its intended target audience. Share content that is accompanied by lighthearted, unique captions to highlight the brand’s distinct personality that transcends the scope of selling homes.

Whether the brand has a good sense of humor, strong devotion to its customers or a finger on the pulse of every new design trend, ensure that the brand has a clear voice that followers can connect to. This allows followers to form a stronger connection with the brand that comes from a deeper understanding of the business and its values. The more personal and conversational the brand is on social media, the greater ability it has to reach a wider audience and boost engagement.

Introduce Your Team

In today’s social media environment, many people want to see the face behind the brand. Make the brand’s social media more personal by introducing team members and sharing photos from the office or during staff events. This can help the brand form better connections with followers and differentiate itself from other builders. If followers feel as if they know the team, they’re more likely to reach out and indicate interest in creating a new home with the company.

Share brand successes and exciting news on social media, along with photos of the team involved. People love to hear good news and sharing this on the brand’s social media allows followers to celebrate with the business and provides a valuable opportunity to raise engagement rates.

Ask Questions

The brand should go beyond telling followers about itself and what it offers to also provide opportunities for others to jump in and share their opinions. Open the brand’s social media to conversation by posing interesting questions to followers to increase chances of engagement. These questions can be in the form of polls, quizzes, this or that questions, #ReplyPosts and much more! Any way the brand can create intriguing ways for followers to respond is likely to be effective in bolstering engagement.

Discuss popular home design trends or housing industry news and ask for feedback from followers. This demonstrates that the brand wants to engage and cares to hear the opinions of its followers. People join social media to connect with others, and home builders should take advantage of this by inviting followers to participate in conversations to pave the way for solid consumer relationships with the brand.

Respond to Followers

Show followers that the brand wants to be involved in the conversation by actively responding to questions, comments, mentions or shared posts. It’s important to always take part in the conversation and go further than liking posts or comments.

Always be sure to answer questions posed within the comments of the brand’s posts and make note of commonly asked questions to create posts that answer the important things followers want to know. When social media users mention the brand or share the brand’s posts, acknowledge the interaction and reply to them to show that the brand is actively involved with its online followers.

Create Fun Contests

Capture audience attention by hosting a contest or exciting giveaway. This is a great way to initiate engagement and encourage followers to share the brand with others. Ask followers to participate by liking, commenting and sharing the brand’s content with friends for the chance to win. Although this may not lead to the acquisition of instant customers, creating a giveaway provides an opportunity to boost reach, increase followers and encourage active engagement with the brand.

Share Diverse Content

Take the opportunity to further build upon the brand’s connection with its followers by sharing topics that aren’t directly related to the brand or its new homes. Tap into diverse avenues to find other relevant topics that will catch followers’ attention. By doing so, home builders can indicate that the brand isn’t solely focused on making sales but is also interested in building connections and open to two-way discussions.

Share other relevant home topics from interior design to home maintenance, home building tips and home trends to boost follower engagement and interest. This helps keep the brand top-of-mind when it comes to all home-related matters, not just when followers are deciding which builder they should go to for their new home.

Show Off Your Work

Sharing eye-catching imagery is crucial to raise engagement on social media. Research shows 68% of consumers prefer to engage with social media content that includes images. As a home builder, providing images of the business’s ongoing projects and newly completed homes is one of the best opportunities to reach and engage followers.

Sharing beautiful, attention-grabbing photos is a surefire method to start conversations and catch follower attention. Boost engagement by asking followers their favorite features of the homes and be sure to mention the team’s favorite elements as well!

Boost Engagement with Enticing Branding Provided by Milesbrand

Drawing in followers and increasing engagement comes down to exceptional branding and imagery. With incredible brand positioning and creative imagery, your brand can establish a strategic social media presence that effectively reaches and engages its target audience.

At Milesbrand, we identify your brand’s significant differentiator and utilize your Brand DNA to develop excellent branding that will mark your company for success. Reach out to our team to learn more about marketing and branding abilities. Browse our blog to learn more effective social media tips for your brand.

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