How Customer Experience is Driving Digital Real Estate Marketing in 2021

March 29, 2021

How Customer Experience is Driving Digital Real Estate Marketing in 2021

Modern-day homebuyers have no shortage of options or advertisements vying for their attention. Making your homes and communities stand out in these competitive market conditions requires your brand to be visible and memorable.

Although your instinct may be to focus your efforts on producing a high volume of mass advertising, consumers are increasingly gravitating towards companies that don't just make their brand seen, but make their customers feel heard

Especially in an industry like real estate, customer experience is of the utmost importance. This requires accommodation and personalization at every stage of the buying process. Your company's consumer-minded outreach techniques can be seen everywhere from your email campaigns to the usability of your website. 

Creating a cohesive user experience across all of your communication channels may seem like a lot of work, but it pays off. Forbes reports that 84% of companies that prioritize improving their customer experience see an increase in their revenue.  

Milesbrand recognizes the tremendous importance of positive customer interactions, so we dedicate ourselves to helping you plan the best marketing campaigns. Your path toward improved client experience starts here — with some of our best tips and insight into this emerging trend. 

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The Growing Importance of Customer Experience

The old adage that the "customer is always right" has been around for decades, so why are we seeing an increased need for near-perfect customer experiences now? After all, clients most often engage with brands digitally rather than face-to-face. These changing channels of communication have left many companies taking a more laissez-faire approach to consumer interaction. 

Though it may seem unrealistic to form lasting client relationships through a screen, most prospects are inevitably found digitally nowadays. The floods of information available on the internet mean that the modern homebuyer's experience involves much more autonomy than ever. Before even meeting with a real-life salesperson, your future clients have likely already interacted with you through your online marketing funnel. 

As a result, marketing heads need to be aware that they could be making a first impression with any post, email, or landing page at any moment. The secret to effective customer experience is creating a cohesive and personalized experience across all advertising touchpoints. 

Customer Experience and Digital Real Estate Marketing Aspects

It's always wise to diversify your advertising stream across many channels. No matter a future client's preferred platform, by sharing your message across social media, email, and pay-per-click Google advertising, you can rest assured that they will be reached where they are. 

Though the hosting platforms for your advertisements may differ, every touchpoint should have a few things in common. They should remain loyal to your unique brand voice and design, and they should put the customer experience first. Here's how to prioritize customer experience through the channels you're already using: 

SEO and content: Optimizing your website and digital content for search engines like Google will help clients more easily encounter your brand. Once you've attracted users to your pages, you can help keep their attention and show that their time is valued by sharing high-quality, useful information. Because people are increasingly using their smartphones to browse, it's crucial that you design your website and content to still be beautiful, informative, and easy to use on mobile devices. 

PPC and display advertising: Because pay-per-click (PPC) and display advertising appear based on consumers' existing interests and use of keywords, these touchpoints are guaranteed to start off on the right foot. Your brand is able to capture attention by offering information, products, and services that are already in line with your audience's fascinations and dream purchases. 

Social media and email: You can show respect to your customers through social media and email by not inundating their feeds and inboxes with spammy advertisements. Instead, these channels can be used to host conversations, share information, and build relationships. Maintaining active and consistent communication on these platforms paints your brand as accessible and reliable, essential functions for client relationships. 

Creative design: Creating a thoughtful brand design does more than show your customers a pretty face. Staying true to your brand messages, colors, and images makes browsing easy for any visitors to your pages. Once a client has one positive experience with your brand, they will be able to confidently associate trust and reliability with every touchpoint they see. 

If you have spinach in your teeth, you won't post a selfie that showcases it. Think of your brand's digital presence in the same way. Sporadic, spinach-y posts will make your audiences get lost in the marketing funnel. By creating crisp, consistent outreach, you'll inspire confidence in all of your visitors. 

Customer Success and Revenue Growth

Your efforts in honing your customer experience will pay off. Although real estate businesses don't frequently see a quick turnaround of repeat customers, every happily placed client offers tremendous value. It's said that 72% of customers will share a positive experience with six people or more. This word-of-mouth advertising is completely free and incredibly valuable in landing clients. 

The bottom line? Putting in the work to create a cohesive, appealing, and user-friendly brand experience will pay off in the long run — whether it’s through repeat customers, referrals, or improved reputation and brand awareness. 


Milesbrand exists to help you create and showcase your brand in the best way possible. Our dedication to design, detail, and creating conversions has been recognized in the form of three 2021 Gold Nationals Awards

Though we love having the statues, we are much prouder of our success stories — clients who have been able to introduce their audiences to master-planned communities and dream homes. There's no better feeling than seeing a stunning project or initiative get the recognition it deserves. We would love to partner with your company and assist in your next success story!

We'll prove our commitment to excellent customer experience through every interaction you have with us. Our experts work with your company and leadership from start to finish, always ready for the next brainstorming session or sale celebration. Contact us today to begin a partnership with our team. 

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