Milesbrand General Manager Kelly Fink Shares Real Estate Branding Success on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio

February 04, 2022

Milesbrand General Manager Kelly Fink Shares Real Estate Branding Success on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio

Milesbrand General Manager Kelly Fink recently joined the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to discuss her role, as well as our history of successful real estate branding and how we create extraordinary value for our clients. Below we’ll share highlights from their discussion including how Milesbrand came to be, our effective branding strategy and our unique company culture.

A native of the homebuilding and real estate industry for 25 years, Kelly has previous experience working directly for home builders, developers and real estate companies in marketing and sales roles. She earned a Masters in Residential Marketing (MIRM) designation from the National Home Builders Association, and she is also involved with the National Sales and Marketing Council (SMC), as well as the Atlanta SMC.

“I love meeting people and seeing their passion for turning a piece of land into a brand and working on a master-planned community for years to achieve successful results,” said Kelly.

During her time working in real estate, Kelly experienced the branding processes of master-planned communities and home builders, which has provided her a thorough understanding of the needs and expectations of our clients. Now, she has shifted to the other side of that process and has the incredible opportunity to contribute to the branding strategies of many other real estate companies. With this unique perspective and fantastic expertise, Kelly has become a valuable member of the Milesbrand team!

“I’ve always been in awe of the work that Milesbrand has done. Now that I’m working on the agency side, this is the only agency I’d want to be part of,” said Kelly.

Milesbrand is a full-service branding and marketing agency for real estate developers and home builders. For the past 30 years, we have been dedicated to producing extraordinary branding and marketing results within the real estate industry. Our hard efforts have led us to become the most awarded team of design and digital professionals in residential real estate marketing.

Milesbrand was created when Dave Miles, President and Brand Strategist, realized the common approach to branding for home builders and master-planned communities was missing crucial key elements – emotional connection and creative innovation.

Buying a home is often the largest, most significant purchase of a person’s life, and Milesbrand discovered an excellent opportunity to elevate real estate marketing to honor such an important occasion. With that goal in mind, Milesbrand set out to redefine real estate branding and become the gold standard of marketing agencies within the industry.

Today, Milesbrand has always stayed true to that vision with our brand promise – From Land to Brand. Our team is passionate about implementing strategies that uniquely recognize that the purchase of a new home is the greatest one customers will ever make.

Our Successful Real Estate Branding Strategy

Creating a compelling real estate brand for our clients requires a thoughtful branding process – luckily we have it all mapped out! During our strategic, well-defined branding process, we establish effective brand development and differentiation strategies for each of our clients.

We develop these strategies through our three-step proprietary branding process that we created exclusively for the real estate industry:

  1. Brand Charrette – The first step is an extensive listening and learning exercise to learn about our clients’ unique Brand DNA. In other words, this is the most compelling element of their enterprise and often it’s the most elusive.
  2. Brand Positioning – Next, we transition into an in-depth strategy to differentiate their brand and bring their brand to life during this phase.
  3. Brand Plan – Finally, we introduce it to the right audiences through a strategic Brand Plan or Go To Market plan to launch the new brand of the company or master-planned community.

How We Create Value for Our Clients

Milesbrand is in the value creation business. We create value for each of our clients by helping them identify their unique Brand DNA – their most significant differentiator. We then work to communicate this standout quality in a way that resonates with their target audiences and differentiates their company from the competition.

By creating authentic connections with a meaningful brand story, our clients successfully build trust with their buyers and create emotional relationships. At Milesbrand, we take their “why” and create a strategic home builder or real estate developer brand that stands out and gives them the competitive advantage they need.

Our team of seasoned creative experts elevates their vision and creates a memorable, vibrant brand that offers long-lasting value for their buyers. As a result, we have helped our clients sell over 100,000 homes and generate over $30 billion in revenue over the past 30 years.

The Milesbrand Brand DNA – Our Most Compelling Differentiators

We have several competitive advantages in the real estate and homebuilding arena including:

Well-Defined Process – The Milesbrand three-step proprietary branding process was developed exclusively for the real estate industry and has consistently led to incredible success for our clients.

Unparalleled Expertise – For over three decades, we have had a singular focus on real estate branding and marketing. The Milesbrand team is made up of senior-level industry leaders with unparalleled real estate expertise, many of whom have been with us for over 10 years. Real estate is where our knowledge and expertise lie. Several Milesbrand team members have earned their MIRM from the National Association of Home Builders.

Dedicated Service – It's our goal to become our clients’ “most loved” strategic partner – and we think we’ve succeeded as many of our clients have been working with us for over 20 years!

Exceptional Creative – At Milesbrand, we strive to intuitively connect with people on an emotional level, which has defined our brand for the past 30 years and made us the most consistent barometer of marketing excellence in the new home industry.

Our Company Culture

At Milesbrand, our core purpose is to provide the best job anyone has ever had. To reach this goal, our entire team recognizes and upholds our three most important values — respect, full engagement, and growth.

“I can see these values expressed daily with how our team shows appreciation, empathy, and compassion for their teammates and our clients,” said Kelly.

Each Milesbrand team member is fully engaged with every project and client they work with. They perform efficiently and diligently to help guide our clients, support their teammates and create innovative, successful solutions.

We have an intentional focus on the personal and professional development of our team. This has led to fantastic individual growth, expansion of our company’s knowledge and ongoing opportunities for our clients. These efforts are essential to our success as individuals and as a company, and it directly impacts our clients’ success.

Bring Your Real Estate Brand to Life by Partnering with Milesbrand

At Milesbrand, we’re dedicated to helping our clients achieve success through a refined branding process, powerful marketing strategies and award-winning creative design. Our strategic, creative approach is backed by over 30 years of experience delivering high-end, memorable solutions to clients in all areas of real estate.

Whether you’re rebranding or developing your new real estate brand, our branding experts can’t wait to help. Contact our team today to discover your Brand DNA and bring it to life! Learn more about our branding process and view samples of our creative work.

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