Nona Cove and the Case for Self-Care in Real Estate Developments

September 15, 2022

Nona Cove and the Case for Self-Care in Real Estate Developments

Doctors, life coaches and fitness experts make a strong case for wellness. Learning and practicing healthy habits to provide proper care for our physical and mental health is essential for living life fully. Often people focus on physical health and staying well, but there is much more to wellness than avoiding being sick or a hospital stay.

Wellness Aspects

Social connections, exercise, nutrition, sleep and mindfulness are all components of wellness. These combine to create a healthy life, but with the hustle and bustle of today’s lifestyles, it isn’t easy to always put ourselves first.

Developing Residential Communities for Wellness

Residential communities are focusing on developing for wellness and creating places that contribute to an overall wellness lifestyle. This holistic lifestyle focus is a strong focus post-Covid-19, but it has been around much longer. Spas have long focused on caring for the body while providing the mind with a quiet place to recharge. And some experts credit Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) with the beginning the residential development shift from illness to aging with freedom and a focus on overall lifestyle.

Research confirms that having an active lifestyle leads to better health outcomes than a sedentary lifestyle. And this goes for everyone, not just senior citizens. This trend is taking hold in active adult lifestyle communities, mixed-use and master-planned communities. Covid-19 magnified the importance of health and safety.

Nona Cove Community Background

Home as the center of health is top-of-mind in our new and uncertain world. With this clear message in mind, Futura Development Company, a South Florida developer, partnered with Milesbrand to bring its wellness vision to life at Nona Cove. This integrated wellness community is comprised of luxury apartments, commercial and retail space and a self-storage facility when built out.

With self-care as its mantra and well-being its goal, Nona Cove set out to provide a new life of wellness to its apartment residents.

The vision started with a quote. “True self-care is making the choice to build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from,” said Brianna West. A bestselling author, West’s work on mindfulness, spirituality and self-improvement appears in publications such as Forbes, The Huffington Post, USA Today and Thought Catalog.

Nona Cove is designed to move the needle on the scale of wellness developments while differentiating itself.

Target Audience

Understanding the target audience is an integral part of branding Nona Cove. Residents include technical, medical and science workers, families seeking the best schools in Central Florida, graduate students and educated professionals relocating for work. The average age of residents is 35 years old, meaning they are millennials, and according to Sanford Health, “Wellness is a daily, active pursuit for millennials.” They eat healthier and exercise more than previous generations.

Lifestyle Elements

Understanding that engaging residents with the correct lifestyle elements and amenities is key to the success of this wellness community. Working with the developer, we envisioned amenities including:

  • Fountain and sand garden
  • Yoga area
  • Interior rooms that open to the outdoors to become one space
  • Workout area with weights and machines
  • Swimming pool and lap pool
  • Community/Club room
  • Jogging trails
  • Lake
  • Dog park and dog spa
  • Private courtyard
  • Gated security

Brand Strategy

Positioning Nona Cove as a place of “new wellness” creates a cohesive branding strategy. An apartment residence centered on its resident’s well-being. Milesbrand messaging heralds a new way of imagining what an apartment residence can offer. What is new wellness? New wellness is a holistic state of health; it is something you pursue intentionally. It is cardio and calm. It is Zen and zest. People need a bit of both. Nona Cove’s positioning as a wellness community is simple. It focuses on self-care and loving yourself, choosing to build a life you don’t need to escape from regularly.

From this, Milesbrand developed a brand promise for a place devoted to the New Wellness of their residents: Live the New Wellness.

Live the New Wellness

This impactful brand promise encompasses our ability to be our best selves and greatest contributors to our families, friends, and community – and why this is so important. Residents are encouraged to take care of themselves and make themselves a priority. The community is designed to allow residents to focus on rejuvenation, restfulness and gratitude. With the brand promise of Live the New Wellness, Nona Cove offers residents the joys of a place offering sanctuary, energy and inspiration. A powerful brand promise indeed.

Create the Right Brand and Achieve Results with Milesbrand

What do your home buyers need, and how does your brand deliver that? Creating communities that promote wellness and meet the needs of today’s home buyers and renters is becoming one of today’s hottest residential development trends.

At Milesbrand, we’re in the business of creating value for our clients. Talk to our team today to learn how to get started creating the right brand that earns the right results! We’ll help you identify and communicate your Brand DNA—the most compelling differentiation that sets you apart from the competition.

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