Lifestyle Elements to Leverage in Master-Planned Community Branding

July 12, 2022

Lifestyle Elements to Leverage in Master-Planned Community Branding

There are many aspects that homebuyers consider as they’re choosing the right new home community for their family. Those aspects could include a great location, desirable amenities, access to nature, award-winning schools and the list goes on.

If a master-planned community includes any of these elements, builders and developers should always place these benefits at the forefront of their master-planned community marketing to successfully attract buyer attention. Highlighting these lifestyle-informing components enhances your community’s appeal and helps bring your master-planned community to life for prospective homebuyers.

Below, we’ll discuss the importance of these lifestyle elements, which are important to highlight within your master-planned community marketing and branding examples of how we successfully leveraged these factors for our clients!

What are Lifestyle Elements?

Lifestyle elements are any factors or details about your master-planned community that affect the way homeowners live. Every positive aspect of your community is more than just a perk, it’s a factor that plays a role in determining homebuyer lifestyles and routines. A great location may mean access to great schools, opportunities to regularly explore local attractions or quick access to shopping, dining and recreation. Outdoor activities mean homeowners can enjoy active, happy and healthy lifestyles. Amenities enable homeowners to stay busy and enjoy activities that the whole family will enjoy.

Why Are They Important for Master-Planned Community Marketing?

Leveraging lifestyle elements in your master-planned community marketing strategy helps buyers envision what their life could be if they choose to live within the development. If buyers can’t imagine an enjoyable and fulfilling life in your community, they’ll be more likely to choose another new home development. When a master-planned community’s alluring lifestyle opportunities are clear, homebuyers are more likely to be drawn to the idea of what their life could become and how it may even improve.

Moving to a new home and location can also be an intimidating change. Homebuyers are often more meticulous and wary of buying in a community where they aren’t confident about what their family’s future and lifestyle would look like. Focusing on these elements within your master-planned community marketing strategy reassures buyers that your community is a great place to live where their families can thrive.

Access to Outdoor Recreation and Nature

Today, master-planned communities with easy access to outdoor recreation are in high demand. From walking trails to parks, green spaces, lakes and more, there are a variety of ways master-planned communities seamlessly blend comfortable and healthy living with the beauty of natural surroundings. Homebuyers crave natural spaces where they can make spending time in the great outdoors part of their routine Whether it's long walks, early morning swims or simply enjoying the fresh air, home builders and developers should make the most of any opportunity to share how their community connects homebuyers to nature.

For Crystal Valley in Castle Rock, Colorado, we heavily focused the community branding on its abundant access to hiking trails, 600 acres of open space, wildlife areas and other amenities. In this nature-filled community, homeowners enjoy endless ways to play, explore and soak up the joys of being in nature! Designed to offer a unique escape, Crystal Valley delivers a neighborhood that feels like its own nature enclave. Since the community is so nature-centric, our team explored the benefits of living in nature and discovered that nature significantly impacts our physical and mental wellbeing. Thus, our brand positioning for the community became, “The Nature of Happiness.”

Convenient and Desirable Amenities

Do homeowners have access to various amenities within your master-planned community? These amenities could include pools, clubhouses, golf courses, fitness centers, pavilions, fire pit gathering areas, etc. Prospective homebuyers often seek out communities with particular amenities that suit their family’s lifestyle. Always take every opportunity to boast about the many activities homeowners will enjoy when they choose your master-planned community.

For The Farm, a lovely master-planned community with a wholesome family legacy, we aimed to portray the development as a truly special neighborhood with family values. This community boasts an incredible community clubhouse – The Gathering Place – with a gorgeous new swimming pool, fitness facility and indoor and outdoor entertainment space. This go-to community hub offers a daily refuge as well as opportunities to recharge, meet neighborhood friends or stay active. The Gathering Place is one of the many lifestyle elements that make The Farm a great place to call home which is why we chose the brand promise, “Live Abundantly.”

Landscape Maintenance

Does your master-planned community have regulated maintenance of common areas and individual residences? Standards for acceptable appearance? Communities with stunning curb appeal and well-kept properties make for easier sales. Along with ensuring the community always looks beautiful, regular maintenance also indicates to potential buyers that the development is a nice place to live that any homeowner would be proud to call home.

Social Activities

It’s common for many master-planned communities to practically come with built-in social opportunities. Homebuyers are often excited by the prospect of enjoying a bustling social life within the comfort of their neighborhood. Does your master-planned community offer events, groups or spaces where homeowners can mingle with their neighbors (open green areas, meeting spaces, etc.)? Leverage these elements within your marketing as part of what makes your community an exciting, welcoming place to live. Prospective buyers will be pleased to know that when they live in your community, they will enjoy both beautiful homes and find opportunities to build relationships with neighbors and foster a sense of community.

When we worked with Solstice from Shea Homes, we knew the development delivered an undeniable sense of community that we wanted to capture through memorable branding. Located in Littleton, Colorado, Solstice is a smaller and thus more intimate master-planned community that resides on Colorado’s beloved High Line Canal. While a larger master-planned development may lack this intimately welcoming environment, Solstice enabled homeowners to feel part of a cherished community. We chose a tagline that combined Solstice’s incredible setting along the High Line Canal with the community’s comfortably intimate environment – “Home Sweet High Line.”

Safety Measures

When choosing a master-planned community, homebuyers want to find somewhere that is both comfortable and safe for their family. If your master-planned community has security measures in place such as gated entrances, this is something to promote within your marketing. Not only will homebuyers feel assured that the community offers safety, but gated entrances also provide an added level of exclusivity.


If your master-planned community has a fantastic location, homebuyers should know about it! Living in a community with a well-placed location near conveniences, attractions, top-rated schools and work districts is typically a top priority for many growing families. Utilize your marketing strategy to highlight these benefits. Share with homeowners that your location is close to everything they need, which means commutes to work or school, finding fun activities and running errands will be easier than ever. Use marketing messages to paint the picture for prospective buyers that the community is not only a place where they can live but also work, shop and relax!

When we worked with Avion, we recognized that one of its prime selling points was its amazing location. Set between Downtown Denver and Denver International Airport, Avion offers outstanding access to the attractions that make Denver an exciting city to call home. We chose to emphasize the community’s incredible location by drawing inspiration from the iconic Denver International Airport. For the tagline, we created a high-flying theme that speaks to the community’s sense of adventure and connected lifestyle – Where Life Takes Off.

Highlight your Lifestyle Elements with an Effective Master-Planned Community Marketing Strategy

Don’t leave buyers guessing about the lifestyle opportunity your master-planned community provides. Instead, utilize your marketing strategy to place lifestyle-informing elements front and center to help homeowners can envision what their new life could be within your outstanding master-planned community.

Need help forming a branding and marketing strategy that effectively communicates your master-planned community’s most desirable lifestyle elements and brand promise? Talk to our team today to learn how we can take your community From Land to Brand!

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