Why Home Builders Should Use Social Media to Attract Home Buyers and Realtors

March 28, 2023

Why Home Builders Should Use Social Media to Attract Home Buyers and Realtors

As a home builder in a world with so much technology at our fingertips, it is crucial to have a social media presence to reach your target audience. For most home buyers, social media platforms are a consistent aspect of their daily lifestyle, providing home builders with a prime opportunity to connect with potential customers.

In the current housing market, Millennials are the second largest generation of home buyers, making up 43% home buyers in 2022 increasing from 37% the prior year. Research from the National Association of Realtors® shows that 95% of these homebuyers are using the internet to find more information during their home search.

From Facebook to Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, each social media platform provides unique ways for a brand to reach its target audience and engage with potential leads among many other advantages.

Brand Awareness 

The shift in home buyer demand in the current housing market means more home builders need to ensure they are being seen by home buyers searching for a new home on all available digital platforms. With this in mind, social media has been identified among Realtors as one of the best sources for generating high-quality leads. Companies can increase exposure and brand awareness by creating frequent content that resonates with potential home buyers.

Social media constantly expands each brand’s opportunities to reach more of its target audience. Social media can play a critical role in attracting home buyers and realtors allowing them to absorb online videos, photography, testimonials and more to learn about a new home community or home builder that interests them.

By developing a strong online presence, brands can increase interactions with potential home buyers and local realtors who will be more likely to recommend your community or home building company to others. Although traditional word-of-mouth is a great method for expanding brand reach, social media provides an additional avenue to reach potential leads in new circles among your followers through their connections.


As opposed to traditional marketing, social media allows home builders to engage with their target audience more organically and directly. Through social media networks, home builders can answer questions about their homes and communities, converse with home buyers and realtors through comments and respond to criticism. By answering a complaint publicly on social media, businesses can increase customer advocacy by 25%.

Through consistent engagement with followers, home builders can also learn more about their target audience and what they’re looking for in a home builder. Taking the time to listen to responses from followers can ultimately improve your brand and allow for better personalization of the marketing strategy to reach potential home buyers.

Quizzes, surveys and questions to prompt followers to interact with your brand through social platforms can assist you in generating more leads and provide insight into improved personalization of the home buying process.

Not only can social media be utilized to provide greater details about your home building company and communities, but happy homeowners can also communicate their positive experiences with new followers. This user-generated content is found to be helpful by 93% of consumers when making purchasing decisions. Social media provides an exceptional way to earn testimonials from home buyers and realtors and easily share the affirmations with potential leads. This allows potential home buyers to learn more about how you operate and what is offered from the perspective of a satisfied homeowner living in one of your new homes or communities.

Brand Identity

Your home building business is more than just the homes you build, and followers can learn deeper insight about company values when social media posts are written to characterize the brand. Social media provides a clear opportunity to distinguish your business from other home builders and express reasons why home buyers and realtors should choose to work with you.

Whether committed to sustainability, family-oriented values or focused on giving back to the community, followers should know what the company is passionate about. Posting about community involvement or event sponsorships is a great way to illustrate the role your brand plays in supporting the community. And don’t forget to share features about team members to offer a personalized look at the people behind the scenes.

Creating Trust

When home buyers begin their search, they typically engage more with businesses that are easily accessible online and have a connection with their followers. By maintaining a social media presence and being quick to engage with potential home buyers and realtors, brand trust is built and established. Establishing that a brand genuinely cares about its supporters is more important today than ever as people do business with companies they trust.

Social media also provides a route for businesses to indicate that their brand intends to go beyond simply selling a product. It’s likely that followers will also appreciate content not directly related to homes for sale such as home design trends, home maintenance tips, DIY projects and more. By sharing articles or infographics related to relevant topics, brands create deeper relationships with followers outside of making a sale.

By openly communicating with buyers on social media, both the home builder brand and its potential home buyers benefit. By speaking directly to social media followers, customers easily receive specific information that may not be available on a website. When customers feel comfortable communicating with brands via social media, businesses develop authenticity with followers who are more likely to look to you when buying or building their new home.

Driving Website Traffic

Enhancing brand engagement on social media also delivers an opportunity to increase organic website visibility and traffic. Every social media post created is an opportunity to include a call to action with a link that drives followers to the website.

As social media begins to drive an increasing number of potential home buyers to the website who engage with content on the site, the website will become more highly optimized by search engines, as it becomes viewed as a source of relevant and reliable information. As home buyers and realtors search for home builders, websites that rank higher among organic searches show up more.

Partner With Milesbrand to Create a Social Media Presence for Your Brand

More home buyers are using social media to find new homes, which means more builders are establishing their brand online to reach their target market. By generating a social media presence, home builders can more effectively increase brand awareness among target audiences, connect with home buyers and realtors, generate leads and share brand identity.

Creating compelling content with the help of a tactical brand strategy is one of the first steps to developing a strong online presence. Our team is skilled in developing branding initiatives that deliver exceptional campaigns, imagery and content for your brand to utilize for an effective social media strategy. Contact us today to get started.

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