5 Real Estate Branding Examples That Foster Relationships and Results

December 30, 2020

5 Real Estate Branding Examples That Foster Relationships and Results

You know the value of your brand better than anyone. Your projects are more than just houses and developments — they're homes and communities. Still, despite your confidence in your offerings, buying a home is a huge decision. Connecting with prospective buyers is crucial for building their trust and excitement for the future.

The average house hunter will tour 10 homes over a span of 10 weeks before moving forward with an offer. How can your brand stand the test of time and competition? 

Milesbrand takes the time to understand your brand identity. Our intimate knowledge of your work and the value you create allows us to effectively communicate with your target market. We develop stunning brand images and craft messaging that differentiates your work and connects with viewers on an emotional level. 

Don't just take our word for it, though. Just as your prospective clients tour your work, we'd like to walk you through ours. Here are five examples of Milesbrand projects that highlight some of the benefits we can bring to your brand. 

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5 Unforgettable Real Estate Branding Examples


True Homes

Milesbrand has loved working with Dan Horner, a 2020 Builder of the Year who heads the True Homes team. Our relationship with True Homes, which spans over two decades, has resulted in award-winning branding and many families across North and South Carolina finding their home, sweet home. 

One thing we immediately noticed about this hardworking crew is how much they value their customers. In order to meet every client's unique style, needs, and budget, they offer four different home collections. As they work with customers, they seek to make everyone feel at home — an essential trait for builders.

What We Loved: Highlighting a Consumer-Centric Attitude

We wanted to highlight this customer-first attitude to build a unique brand for True Homes. As we moved forward with their branding, we decided to highlight the letter "U" in True Homes. The bright orange color of the logo allows viewers to immediately understand that, with True Homes, “It's All About "U." Making prospective buyers literally see themselves in the True Homes brand name helped motivate 2,000 sales last year. 

Solstice by Shea Homes

Milesbrand has a long relationship with Shea Homes, but Solstice is a standout client. This one-of-a-kind community can be found in Littleton, Colorado. It sits on the High Line Canal, nearby Chatfield State Park and Reservoir. As soon as we took a look at this development, we knew that they had an unbeatable location — we just had to make sure that their customers knew that too.

We focused on developing a brand image that quickly conveyed the comfort and amenities of the neighborhood. Before we knew it, an unforgettable campaign had emerged. 

What We Loved: Letting Creativity Shine

Home Sweet High Line became the four powerful words that clued consumers into this incredible community. It was a simple way to combine the safety and joy of home with the remarkable Colorado scenery. It expanded into radio promotions, four-seasons photography, and even some poetry.


1010 Midtown

Located in Midtown, Atlanta, the 1010 Midtown condominium buildings faced some serious competition. Although we quickly saw the unique value of our client, we knew that their consumers would be inundated with similar options. We were challenged to help this mid-rise condo rise above the rest. 

What We Loved: Honing Brand Recognition

1010 Midtown lives on the curve of Peachtree Street, a prime location that also lent itself toward tagline inspiration. We let consumers know that 1010 Midtown granted access to "Life on the Curve" — a phrase that provided directions while communicating the sleekness and sophistication of the structures. We combined Atlanta culture and landmarks with provocative, curvy images that caught readers' eyes and made the competition forgettable.

London Bay Homes

Three decades ago, Mark and Gemma Wilson founded London Bay Homes. Although a lot can change in 30 years, one thing has stayed the same — the London Bay team wants to create luxury living experiences. Their clientele is affluent and sophisticated; their large budgets mean that the sky is the limit for expectations and potential competition. 

What We Loved: Delivering Brand Promise

Despite the high stakes, we weren't worried about London Bay Homes ever letting their customers down. Their team includes builders, developers, interior and exterior designers, architects, and renovators. They go above and beyond for every client, allowing them to confidently make the guarantee of "Private Label Living." This simple tagline effectively communicates the wants of London Bay's consumers and the builder’s promise to deliver.


The Southshore area had a problem: it seemed too good to be true. It had a great school district, employment centers, shopping centers, and more. Unfortunately, because of its location on a large reservoir, many viewed this Colorado community as just a day-trip destination. The developers needed visitors to understand that the area didn't just have to be a special treat — it could be home! 

What We Loved: Sharing a Vision

The Aurora Reservoir served as the perfect focal point for Southshore's brand. The dazzling water caught consumers' attention, and the top-quality amenities and homes made them want to stay. To reframe the area to a hometown, we coined the slogan "Life at the Lake." Southshore had the unique opportunity to make consumers' day-to-day lives feel like a luxurious, lakeside retreat.


The work of Milesbrand aims to not only communicate your brand's existing value, but create more. By strategically partnering with us, you can develop a clear branding strategy that eases consumer interactions, increases recognition, and leaves a lasting impact. Let's put it this way: we'll make sure your home writing is something to write home about. 

You can browse more of our work here — we hope to soon add you to our long portfolio of successful partnerships! If you're ready to get started, contact Milesbrand today. We look forward to getting to know your brand and helping you further your impact.

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