Composing a Branding and Marketing Symphony for Lyric at RidgeGate™ by Shea Homes

January 29, 2024

Composing a Branding and Marketing Symphony for Lyric at RidgeGate™ by Shea Homes

In a symphony of collaboration, Shea Homes and Milesbrand partnered on an extraordinary community branding and marketing strategy endeavor for Lyric at RidgeGate, a mixed-use master-planned community outside of Denver. This vibrant community, envisioned as a meticulously composed masterpiece, boasts a diverse array of homes featuring varied architecture, creating a harmonious tapestry.

Nestled within walkable neighborhoods, the community seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art internet infrastructure with expansive parks, trails and open spaces, all in perfect harmony with convenient access to dining, shopping, fitness and recreational activities. An in-community coffee house and restaurant add to the cultural fabric, providing homeowners with inviting spaces to connect.

With access to a light rail station, Lyric at RidgeGate™ ensures easy accessibility to regional employment centers, extending the ethos of RidgeGate’s natural approach to urbanism. Join us as we explain the journey we took to discover the transformative power of community branding and the meaningful legacy shared through master-planned community marketing initiatives.

Brand Challenge

Milesbrand was challenged by the Shea Homes team to define and differentiate Lyric at RidgeGate™ – articulating its benefits in a compelling narrative, creating a sense of place, and inviting and inspiring interest and exploration by the target audiences. Lyric is an expansion of the larger RidgeGate master-planned community, which is focused on providing a more natural approach to urbanism. Here, home buyers are able to get their city fix while still being closely connected to the great outdoors.

The goal was to position Lyric at RidgeGate™ so that it would appeal to home buyers seeking an ideal location and varied architecture using a compelling narrative to attract a diverse audience. The audience members include creative and tech workers, as well as young and multi-generational families from a variety of backgrounds.

Milesbrand used its extensive placemaking experience to create marketing materials and brand elements that are unique, intriguing, and appealing to the eye – just like the community itself. See the work we did for Lyric at RidgeGate™ and download the full case study:


Explore the brand creation and marketing strategies employed by Milesbrand and Shea Homes to deliver a successful community:

Branding and Marketing Elements

Milesbrand’s creative responsibility for Lyric at RidgeGate™ included:

Community Vision and Branding:

Marketing Strategy:

Striking the Right Chord Through Branding and Marketing

In crafting the brand and marketing strategy for Lyric at RidgeGate™, Milesbrand’s approach was as diverse as the buyers themselves, reflecting the varied architecture and the creative spirits of potential homeowners. The goal is to invite self-expression and resonate with potential home buyers, drawing a parallel between a lyric as an expressed emotion and the unique elements of this community. Emphasizing creativity across various realms, including art, music, literature, and poetry, the marketing and branding elements subtly nod to all things creative, setting Lyric’s marketing material apart from typical master-planned community promotions.

The community caters to individuals who prioritize security and urban proximity, seeking a different way to live and aspiring to make their mark on a new community. To visually capture this essence, we opted for jewel-toned colors in the logo, symbolizing vibrancy, diversity, and the unexpected. The logo itself takes inspiration from music, resembling the lines on a musical sheet and the circles mirroring the keys on a trumpet.

Lyric-At-Ridgegate_Logo-_H_CMYK-scaledDespite its suburban location, Lyric boasts an urban feel, thanks to its distinctive architecture, creating an energetic environment that appeals to a broad spectrum of buyers seeking something different. The chosen lifestyle imagery reinforces an urban vibe without overtly shouting “city,” offering a unique blend of urban energy in a suburban setting.

DNA-342-23 Social Media Assets-Lyric Blog Family

A Crescendo of Results

Thanks to Milesbrand's strategic marketing and branding approach, Lyric at RidgeGate™ experienced an extraordinary initial response from the community. The distinctive brand and comprehensive marketing endeavors led to the sale of an impressive 53 homes within the first 6 months! Additional remarkable statistics emerged during the initial phase of marketing, showcasing the effectiveness of the implemented strategy:

  • 6,000+ onsite traffic visits
  • 2,800+ online leads generated
  • 31,000+ website visitors
  • 7 million impressions from online advertising initiatives
  • 21% engagement rate

Compose a Successful Community Brand and Marketing Strategy with Milesbrand

With over 30 years of experience in the new home industry, our proven three-step branding process is designed to uncover the true reasons your buyers choose you – your Brand DNA. By focusing exclusively on the real estate market, we specialize in creating successful master-planned community brands. Plus, our comprehensive go-to-market plan produces an inbound marketing funnel teeming with qualified leads.

At the core of our approach is the art of revealing the unique real estate value propositions that define your community. Let us be your guide in identifying and communicating your community’s differentiators, setting a robust foundation for your brand. From Land to Brand – it’s what we do best. Contact us today to embark on the journey of creating an engaging brand for your master-planned community.

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