Why Home Builders Need a Print and Digital Community Brochure

November 29, 2021

Why Home Builders Need a Print and Digital Community Brochure

As homebuyers begin their new home search, home builders and developers must focus on incorporating marketing strategies that enhance the homebuyer experience. One of the best ways to do so is by creating a home builder brochure or master-planned community brochure that effectively showcases new homes and distinguishes the brand.

A master-planned community brochure is an excellent way to offer a strong introduction to homebuyers, highlight the community and boost engagement. Although brochures are traditionally produced in print, more home builders and developers are creating digital brochures to expand their marketing reach and offer increased access to homebuyers.

But what are the benefits of a master-planned community brochure, and do developers and home builders really need both print and digital for successful marketing? Below, we’ll share the impact of master-planned community brochures and how developers and home builders can expand homebuyer outreach opportunities for their master-planned community through both print and digital materials.

Why Should You Create a Master-Planned Community Brochure?

Master-planned community brochures are an undeniably strong asset for home builders and developers to strengthen brand reach, successfully market master-planned communities, bolster lead conversions and generate more new home sales. Through real estate brochures, home builders and developers can highlight stunning photography of their master-planned community including beautiful homes, streetscapes and impressive amenities, provide necessary information for homebuyers, incorporate appealing design and utilize targeted messaging.

Brochures also offer increased brand awareness and visibility by offering homebuyers an easily accessible, immersive look into the master-planned community and the entirety of its offerings and the lifestyle provided. Despite whether the brochure is delivered through print, digital or both, this marketing material offers a valuable opportunity to convey brand identity clearly and compellingly to homebuyers.

Benefits of Digital Brochures

As home builder and developer marketing strategies continue to progress and innovate, many are shifting toward greater use of digital elements for promotional tactics. Expanding the digital reach of the master-planned community allows home builders to achieve valuable engagement with prospects conducting their new home search online, which subsequently offers more leads and increased sales.

The benefits of digital brochures are practically endless as they offer several valuable opportunities to showcase different facets and benefits of their master-planned community.

Simple Customization

Within the new home industry, ensuring all marketing materials are updated with relevant information based on availability is crucial. This makes digital brochures an outstanding asset as they can be updated whenever necessary to accommodate ever-changing information. While editing printed brochures can be time-consuming and costly, changing a digital brochure can be completed at a moment’s notice. By sharing information this way, print brochures can still be used but won’t require consistent changes and mass reprinting as the digital brochures remain an available resource.


Not only do digital brochures save home builders time, but they also allow the conservation of a considerable amount of marketing funds. While home builders can and should still print brochures to provide to homebuyers, maintaining a digital copy means that they can print less, save more money and advertise in a more environmentally-friendly way by conserving more paper.

Greater Distribution

When home builders and developers only produce print brochures, they’re faced with limited opportunities for distribution as the materials are only delivered to homebuyers who visit the office or sales center. As digital items, they’re available at any time and they can be opened on any device from mobile phones to desktops or tablets. Digital brochures are also easy to share directly with interested homebuyers or offer wide access on the master-planned community website for seamless viewing.

Another option for sharing digital brochures is through social media channels. Distributing a digital brochure on social media allows home builders to promote the marketing materials to a wider audience and generate greater reach and lead conversions with paid social media advertising. Along with these benefits, increasing the brochure’s online reach also leads to stronger brand awareness among potential homebuyers.

Convenient CTA

As with all digital strategies, digital brochures provide a highly effective avenue to implement calls to action (CTAs) and generate more lead conversions. Home builders can include ways to contact the business by phone or online message, as well as access to forms where homebuyers can provide their information. After the digital brochure successfully piques the interest of homebuyers, convenient CTAs present them with a straightforward opportunity to learn more by taking action.

Incorporating easily accessible CTAs also allows home builders to assess brochure performance through click rates. By continuously evaluating the success of the brochure in capturing new leads, home builders can consider methods of improvement to enhance the impact of the marketing material with homebuyers.

Share Video or Virtual Content

Delivering a master-planned community brochure in a digital format for homebuyers provides a unique opportunity to create an immersive experience. One of the most distinct opportunities digital brochures offer is the ability to incorporate virtual reality and video content, unlike the still imagery found in print brochures. Including virtual home tours, photo slideshows, virtual models and interactive site plans is an exceptional way to give potential homebuyers a unique first look at the master-planned community.

Advantages of Print Brochures

Despite the benefits of innovating marketing tactics through digital channels, real estate marketing should not solely depend on digital outreach. As a tangible marketing element, print master-planned community brochures hold several advantages as opposed to digital brochures.

Establishes Credibility

Creating a cohesive, well-designed master-planned community brochure tells homebuyers that the business is established and highly credible. By delivering a print brochure, homebuyers will receive a strong, effective impression of the builder and their master-planned community. This tangible marketing material and its impressive quality often speak volumes about a brand and its overall identity. A high-quality brochure has an incredible impact on brand credibility and image.

Memorable Messaging

There is much to be said about the incredible impact of high-quality print marketing materials upon prospective homebuyers. Print marketing continues to leave long-lasting impressions with home buyers. When homebuyers receive well-designed master-planned community brochures with captivating imagery and cohesive design, there’s a strong possibility that they will retain the messaging.

A study showed that 75% of consumers shown a print ad could successfully recall the brand at a later point in time, compared to 44% who could recall the same details after being presented with a digital ad. This suggests that we process and recall information more effectively when we read information from printed sources rather than digital. Thus, when potential homebuyers find themselves ready to buy a new home they’re more likely to turn to the printed brochure and contact the home builder or developer.

Distinctive Representation

Although print master-planned community brochures are more costly than digital, they are a highly effective way to impress homebuyers with eye-catching design. Utilizing clear, outstanding imagery is a straightforward way to showcase the excellent value of your master-planned community and its stunning new homes. By printing the brochures on high-quality paper with a matte or gloss coating, these materials will be incredibly durable and highly memorable due to their top-tier delivery.

Have the Best Of Both Worlds By Creating a Custom Master-Planned Community Brochure with Milesbrand

Home builder or master-planned community brochures, both digital and print are a highly advantageous addition to home builder and developer marketing efforts. When it comes to creating the perfect master-planned community brochure and brand promise for your master-planned community or development, the design and community branding options are limitless!

Designing an effective real estate brochure requires attention-grabbing copy, imaginative creative design, and cohesive layout to convey the community’s brand promise. With insight and expertise, the Milesbrand team is capable of producing that and much more to deliver a highly impressive marketing piece that will stand out to homebuyers, as well as Realtors. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can help you produce a memorable, distinctive brochure to enhance your marketing strategy.

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