How Master Planned Communities Can Utilize Landing Pages

September 21, 2022

How Master Planned Communities Can Utilize Landing Pages

Unlike a typical website page, landing pages don’t detract from the main message about your new home community. Solely devoted to capturing leads, landing pages leave nothing to chance. Free from distraction, new home shoppers only see one call to action on the page, thus elevating the customer experience. But the call to action doesn’t have to scream buy a home in my new home community. It can be a call to action to sign up for an event, subscribe to a newsletter, receive a community brochure, have a sales representative call them back, set up a home tour, complete a promotion form, or some other step in the sales funnel.

With a higher concentration on the message without the clutter of navigation and social icons, potential buyers are much more likely to act and work their way into the master-planned community’s sales funnel.

Why do Master Planned Communities Need Landing Pages?

Reduce Friction - Utilizing landing pages creates a seamless, frictionless experience for home shoppers. It is the next logical click in the buying process for these ready-to-make-a-move buyers. Click here for more information on signing up for the VIP Interest List. Taking buyers straight to the landing page to sign-up is a seamless experience. There is no need to land everyone on the website’s home page, where they must trek through the site looking for what they need.

Different Demographics and Interests – Master-planned communities, by their nature, cater to individuals from different demographics with varied interests. With separate landing pages to address different housing types – active adult, move up, master-planned communities deliver the same experience online as offline, giving the home buyer a fit for their specific situation and stage of life. This creates a positive experience for various target audiences.

Increase Leads and Conversions – Landing pages for master-planned communities work to secure more leads and increase interactions and conversions. By increasing the relevance of the next click, the buyer moves faster through the sales funnel and is more likely to fill out a form.

How is a Landing Page Different from a Home Page?

Although landing pages might be on the community website, they aren’t typically within the main navigation and aren’t considered part of the website per se. Think of the website home page as the map to navigate the master-planned community’s internet brochure or website. The website has ALL the information. By contrast, a landing page is home to limited data. A landing page only needs enough information to entice a buyer to provide their contact information and take that next step.

A landing page can be a substitute website; much like a substitute teacher, this isn’t a long-term solution. Providing a landing page to buyers while the main website is a tactical marketing strategy to get a master-planned community up and running online faster.

How Can Master Planned Communities Use Landing Pages?

VIP Interest List – The main reason developers of master-planned communities should consider landing pages is to host a VIP Interest list. Since master-planned communities are long-term projects, developers must capture leads as soon as the community has been announced, so they don’t miss out on potential homebuyers. Because master-planned communities typically don’t launch an entire community website until the community is about to open, hosting a VIP Interest list landing page helps create buzz. This gives developers a little time to breathe while renderings, home designs and amenities are being finalized. Create a sense of urgency with buyers who are afraid they might miss out on the first phase of the community or early pricing.

Digital Advertising – Increase paid search effort success and pay-per-click (PPC) conversions via a landing page. Buyers who click on ads are ready to take the next step and speed them along with a well-built landing page.
Landing pages are ideal for promising future updates through a newsletter and providing something more tangible for sign-up, like a community downloadable brochure. In this instance, the consumer is providing the developer with their contact information in trade for additional information to help them in the buyer’s journey.

Events – Hosting a big grand opening or a groundbreaking? Use a landing page to collect RSVPs. This tactic works for almost any occasion, from a weekend open house with food trucks to a ribbon cutting for a new walking trail.

Public Relations -- A landing page extends the community’s public relations reach for efforts. Incorporate landing pages into press releases and stories in local papers. With online articles, these landing page links drive the traffic directly to the landing page. So, when the developer doesn’t have all the information available to share, it is enough to keep interested buyers engaged with the community.
There are lots of ways to incorporate landing pages into master-planned community marketing. Other ideas can be found in 6 Reasons Why You Need a Compelling Home Builder Landing Page for Success.

What Not to Include in a Landing Page

It often surprises developers to discover items that should never be included in landing pages. These include:

• Site-wide navigation options
• Other website page links
• Related offers from different landing pages
• Social media buttons

Why? Well, the answer is simple. Including these items can derail your potential buyer from taking that next step. Set your master-planned community up for success and lots of leads. Don’t give the buyer an easy way to say “squirrel” and completely forget what they were doing!

Tracking Landing Page Results

Now that you have one or more landing pages for your master-planned community take time to track the success of different campaigns. Make sure marketing dollars are going as far as they can by following the traffic from landing pages. With multiple PPC campaigns, banner ads, and social pages, follow the traffic produced by your marketing efforts and discover which are converting most effectively. Tracking and analyzing landing page results helps savvy marketers know when it is time to change marketing messaging and revise the landing pages to increase conversions.
Community landing pages are a valuable component of your marketing strategy, helping to create engagement and increase buyer conversion. Reach out to our team to learn more about best practices for creating landing pages for master-planned communities that convert qualified, interested homebuyers.

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