Hybrid Events for Home Builders and Developers

December 08, 2021

Hybrid Events for Home Builders and Developers

Hybrid events are rising in popularity as home builders and developers seek solutions to accommodate the social distancing needs of homebuyers. Although the real estate industry has been largely driven by physical interaction with homebuyers, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led to a vast shift in the ways home builders and developers engage their target audiences.

Today, virtual events have quickly become the new normal for many businesses as they navigate how to consistently find ways to continue communicating effectively with leads. While hybrid events are a shift caused by social distancing concerns, they are also an opportunity for home builders and developers to reach homebuyers that were previously unable to attend in-person events for various reasons.

By embracing hybrid events, home builders and developers can achieve expanded reach with homebuyers, greater lead conversions, increased sales and much more. Below, we’ll discuss what hybrid events are, why they’re a strong strategy for home builders and developers and how to host these cutting-edge occasions.

What Are Hybrid Events?

Hybrid events are gatherings that include elements of both an in-person and virtual event. For in-person attendees, the event offers a physical opportunity to meet with hosts, ask questions and explore the venue, which in this case would be a model home or community sales center. Those attending the event virtually also have the opportunity to engage with the event’s hosts, but, as they are limited by their location, they are offered a digital experience of the event through an online platform.

This blended home builder or developer event fosters opportunities for both in-person interactions and at-home participation while allowing homebuyers to attend comfortably whatever their attendance preference may be. Hybrid events also provide home builders and developers with an opportunity to appease all potential homebuyers and connect in a valuable, inclusive way.

What Are the Benefits of Hybrid Events?

Hybrid events offer an exciting opportunity for both attendees and hosts to participate in an accommodating and engaging experience.

There are benefits to holding in-person events and virtual events, and by hosting a hybrid event, home builders and developers receive the advantages of both!

More Accommodating

Hybrid home builder or developer events are incredibly inclusive for participants. These occasions provide a valuable opportunity for home builders and developers to cater to each homebuyer and deliver a tailored experience for all.

Many factors may prevent homebuyers from being able to physically join including their location, travel costs, health, disabilities or children, among several other aspects. Some homebuyers may feel uncomfortable attending events due to health concerns, or they may simply prefer to participate virtually. Whatever the attendees’ reasons may be, hybrid events allow home builders and developers to accommodate the needs of each homebuyer that chooses to attend and provide an engaging experience despite the factors that may prevent them from joining in person. By removing any limitations for attendance, home builders and developers can engage with a much wider range of homebuyers.

Higher Attendance

Removing all physical limitations for attendees means a greatly increased number of homebuyers are likely to attend the event. Many more individuals will be compelled to attend if they can do so from the comfort of their homes. For those unable to attend in-person, hybrid events provide an easy way to participate as virtual attendees only need available time and a stable Internet connection – a highly convenient offer for many!

Customer Engagement Opportunity

While hosting traditional in-person events only allows home builders and developers to connect with homebuyers within the vicinity of their location, hybrid events provide a unique opportunity to engage with audiences both physically present and otherwise. Homebuyers who attend in-person can chat with onsite home builders, developers or sales agents face-to-face during the event and form tangible connections. Virtual attendees can also meet these individuals through the event’s online platform and gain valuable information, which paves the way for further conversations about the desires of each homebuyer.

Prospective homebuyers are seeking home builders and developers that can support their needs and meet their expectations. Hosting hybrid events that are open to all homebuyers no matter their needs is a way for home builders and developers to demonstrate to new leads and prospective homebuyers what they can expect in terms of customer service. By meeting each buyer where they are, home builders and developers are more likely to see increased sales as this boosts customer satisfaction and builds their confidence in purchasing a new home with the business.

Greater Flexibility

After the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that the future of travel and in-person events is unpredictable due to the rise in new variants causing health concerns. Aside from the pandemic, there are always factors that create uncertainty about in-person events including severe weather, emergencies and more. Hosting hybrid home builder or developer events means despite any unprecedented circumstances that may arise to prevent physical attendance, home builders and developers can easily shift to an entirely virtual event with a digital foundation already in place. Not only does this provide greater flexibility for the host, but it also allows homebuyers to attend even if unexpected personal circumstances prevent them from joining physically.

Stronger ROI

By offering hybrid home builder or developer events that are open to additional homebuyers, the opportunities for potential sales vastly increase. As hybrid events reach higher numbers of homebuyers, home builders and developers can engage with an expanded number of potential leads and boost the overall ROI for the event.

In addition, hybrid home builder and developer events also increase ROI by potentially lowering the cost of the event. Although accommodations are still available at the event for in-person attendees, there’s a chance that a significant amount of the audience will attend virtually. If the event is expected to have fewer physical attendees than traditional occasions, home builders and developers can reduce the event costs and allocate the funds toward other marketing or sales strategies.

Hosting Hybrid Events

To successfully organize a hybrid event, it all comes down to knowing your target audience, developing expectations for the event and using that knowledge to choose the best platform to create a thoroughly engaging experience for all participants.

Target Audience

Before planning out the hybrid event, it’s important to have an idea of how many attendees there are, how they are attending and why they are attending. What percentage of the audience will be attending in person or virtually, and what does the event offer each of them?

While hybrid events offer a unique opportunity for interaction, they can also be complex as it is a singular event meant to cater to two audiences. To host an effective hybrid home builder or developer event, it’s crucial to consider the different needs of both the in-person and at-home audiences. While hosts may be highly engaged with in-person attendees, it can be easy to overlook the virtual attendees who are not physically present. Consider implementing engagement strategies, such as an onsite representative who singularly caters to the needs of at-home attendees, to ensure that those attending virtually enjoy an equally inclusive, engaging and memorable event experience.

Types of Events

While planning a hybrid event, home builders and developers must create a vision of what they hope to achieve with the event and how it will appeal to homebuyers. There are several types of events that home builders and developers can host to interest potential buyers including:

  • Model Home Opening – Before buying a new home, every buyer wants the chance to take a look inside. Previously, only local homebuyers could tour model homes, but virtual technology has created innovative ways for home builders and developers to showcase new homes to homebuyers regardless of their location. By hosting a hybrid model home opening event, those able to physically visit still have the opportunity to do so, and homebuyers who attend virtually can receive live tours of the space from wherever they are, as well as the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Q&A Session – Another event type is a Q&A session during which home builders, developers or sales agents can offer a presentation about the community, lifestyle amenities and the available homes followed by questions from attendees. Hosting a Q&A session is a great opportunity for all homebuyers, whether in-person or at-home, to receive answers to their questions, as well as hear other commonly asked questions from other homebuyers.

Selecting the Best Platform

In preparation for hosting a hybrid event, one of the most important considerations is the virtual platform that will be used. Each platform has pros and cons, so home builders and developers need to assess which program possesses strengths that are well-suited for the event. Ideally, the technology chosen for the event should effectively bridge the gap between the in-person and at-home audiences to provide a consistent, engaging and immersive experience.

Host Successful Hybrid Home Builder and Developer Events with the Expert Guidance of Milesbrand

As we continue to adapt to a new normal through innovative digital strategies, it seems that hybrid events are here to stay! Home builders and developers should take advantage of this cutting-edge opportunity to engage homebuyers and tailor events to meet their needs.

Our team is filled with experts skilled in implementing powerful strategies to set the foundation for your brand and developing tactics to introduce your brand to the right audience. Reach out to our team to learn more about how our marketing expertise can help you create a memorable brand experience through hybrid home builder and developer events.

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