Benefits of Using Display Ads in Your Home Builder and Real Estate Marketing Strategy

February 25, 2022

Benefits of Using Display Ads in Your Home Builder and Real Estate Marketing Strategy

One of the best ways to generate strong leads and sell homes – incorporating engaging digital marketing tactics.

Why do home builders and developers need strong digital marketing strategies? Well, according to a report from the National Association of Realtors, 97% of homebuyers used the internet during their new home search.

Display advertising provides a valuable way to reach the right audience, increase brand awareness and convert leads through precise, engaging measures. Used by thousands of businesses, Google’s Display Ad Network reaches 90% of global internet users, which translates to more than a trillion impressions served to over 1 billion users every month – talk about incredible reach!

Below, we’ll explore how display ads work, the different types of display ads and the benefits of using this home builder digital and real estate marketing strategy.

How Do Home Builder and Real Estate Display Ads Work?

Display ads are a form of online advertising that appears as banners on third-party websites with similar target markets to capture the attention of relevant audiences. These ads typically utilize visual content, branding, text and a URL that links back to your home builder website, master planned community website, or landing page. Visuals for these ads can include still imagery, animation and video.

These ads serve several different purposes and can help home builders and developers achieve specific goals based on their marketing strategy. While some display ads are designed to inform buyers about a home builder to build awareness, others are meant to engage and boost conversions.

Types of Home Builder and Real Estate Display Ads

With display ads, you can utilize several types of targeting types and tools to find, reach and connect with your audience more efficiently. These formats often complement each other and work together to achieve effective results. Let’s take a look at the various targeting possibilities available with display ads!

Remarketing (or Retargeting)

As ad personalization has surged in popularity and become a top digital marketing trend, remarketing offers an advantageous way to reach audiences. Remarketing strategies provide the opportunity to reach prospects again after they have interacted with your brand online by visiting your website.

The purpose of this ad type is to continuously retarget these buyers and encourage a return to your website to boost further brand engagement. Studies show that consumers who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert. These ads serve as a reminder to these buyers who have shown interest in your homes and ensure brand awareness remains strong during their homebuying search.


Similar to retargeting ads, personalized ads deliver a way for home builders and developers to innovatively target homebuyers with ads that indicate an understanding of their interests. However, unlike remarketing ads, this format targets users based on demographics similar to your target audience, behavior and active interests indicated online rather than their engagement with your business.


Although exhibiting your display ads to the right audience is one half of the marketing equation, the other side is focused on selecting the most applicable websites where your ads will live. Contextual ads choose the most relevant websites to place your display ads based on your targeted keywords, location and how well third-party website content matches your ad information based on its visitor demographics and behavior.


Rather than letting contextual targeting make all the decisions for your display ad locations, site-placed ads allow you to personally select the host websites for your content. With this format, you can choose entire websites or go more in-depth by picking individual website pages.

What are the Advantages of Using Home Builder and Real Estate Display Ads?

Using home builder and real estate display ads is a powerful strategy for reaching your target audience. Rather than requiring a search to become visible to your audiences, display ads allow your brand to be on display on sites your audience is known to frequent. There is a wide array of benefits that accompany display ads from cost-effectiveness, brand awareness increases, stronger reach, optimized targeting abilities and more.

Generates Stronger Brand Awareness

Even when audiences don’t interact with the ad, they’re still seeing a representation of your brand. Providing more opportunities for your target audience to come across your business leads to stronger brand awareness and recall.

Offers Visual Appeal

There’s nothing that draws in online users quite like engaging visual content – even if it’s an advertisement. Display ads typically include an eye-catching background, a strong headline and a compelling call-to-action (CTA). This ad format offers your brand a valuable creative opportunity to attract customers and drive brand awareness using attention-grabbing design.

Conveys Messages Quickly

As display ads are primarily created with visual content, they quickly and easily convey brand messages to online consumers. Luckily, consumers don’t have to engage or even click on the ad for it to share your brand messaging.

Easy Placement

Don’t have much technical expertise when it comes to digital advertising? No problem! Display ads offer a seamless setup process without complex website integration processes. Selecting a host website for your ads is simple as long as the site is a participating ad network.

Get More Value for Less Money

Unlike other advertising channels, display ads are relatively inexpensive to run. Typically, display advertisements charge based on cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) systems, which means that you’re charged any time a consumer clicks on your ad or based on impressions. Rather than wasting valuable marketing dollars, display ads only lead to charges based on the ad’s overall success measured in click-throughs and reach. Although the ads only charge you for successful clicks, they also allow your brand to gain great reach among your audience without paying high costs.

Reach Customers at Every Stage

By digging into the behaviors of your target audience, you can reach homebuyers no matter where they are within the sales funnel. Remarketing ad capabilities allow you to re-introduce potential prospects to your offerings with a well-placed ad that encourages a return visit to your website. Display ads can also be utilized to boost visibility and reach entirely fresh audiences who have not yet interacted with your brand online.

Diverse Targeting Capabilities

Display ads are not one-size-fits-all and for good reason! Depending on the aim of your advertising strategy, you can choose a format and function for your display ads that will best help achieve your business's specific goals.

By placing your ads on relevant websites, you can easily target the right audience for your homes and services. From demographics, specific interests, keywords, geo-targeting and more, display ads offer a wide range of targeting capabilities to achieve successful results. Take a look at the different targeting options available to implement when using display ads.

  • Keyword/Topic – Through Google Ads, you can place your ads alongside website content that matches your targeted keywords or fit the criteria of certain topics.
  • Demographic – Find audiences to target based on website demographics or your target audience’s key demographics.
  • Location – Focus on displaying ads to audiences within specific locations around or near your available homes and communities.
  • Placement – Choose particular website placements that will be relevant to your target audiences as they browse online.
  • Interest – By gaining data points on users, Google enables advertisers to deliver ads based on user searches that indicate their purchasing interests or other topic interests.
  • Audience – With display ads you can retarget audiences that have visited your website and engaged with your business online.

Trackable to Measure Performance

After implementing home builder and developer marketing strategies it’s critical to measure effectiveness to gauge where improvements can be made to improve performance, as well as where your ads are seeing success. When you use display ads, it’s always possible to track and analyze performance by continuously assessing key metrics. Google Ads offers thorough actionable insights and engagement measures including clicks, impressions and conversions, as well as detailed analysis reports to take a deeper look at individual ads.

Work with Milesbrand to Elevate Your Home Builder and Real Estate Digital Advertising Strategy

The importance of digital marketing is nothing new within the real estate and homebuilding industry, which means it’s crucial to continuously implement proactive strategies that allow your brand to keep up. Display ads deliver a valuable home builder or developer digital marketing strategy to boost conversions and reach the right target audiences.

With Milesbrand, you can find the perfect places for your advertising to thrive! We are experts at targeting your buyers wherever they are online by utilizing powerful digital advertising tactics. Contact us today to learn more about how we can boost your home builder advertising strategy.

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