Benefits of Utilizing Home Builder Virtual Reality to Achieve Sales

January 21, 2022

Benefits of Utilizing Home Builder Virtual Reality to Achieve Sales

Virtual reality is the future of real estate marketing. With incredible capabilities of providing a realistic, simulated experience, virtual reality is quickly transforming the way many home builders design, market and sell new homes.

Implementing virtual reality into your marketing plan gives your company the competitive edge it needs to stand out and capture homebuyer attention. Research indicates that 50% of consumers today rely on virtual tours in their decision-making process and 67% want more businesses to offer virtual tours. Let’s take a look at how home builder virtual reality is changing real estate marketing and the advantages of incorporating this new technology into your selling strategy.

Rise of Virtual Reality in Real Estate Marketing

Home builder virtual reality has quickly risen in popularity and become a powerful strategy for new home sales. Today’s homebuyers not only want this high-tech feature, they expect it from the top home builders. For home builders interested in elevating their marketing and staying ahead of competitors with the latest features, virtual reality home tours are a must-have in today’s real estate market. Creating virtual models indicates that your company is an industry leader dedicated to keeping up with the newest waves of technology.

Virtual reality has the potential to vastly revolutionize the real estate industry as greater focus is being placed on this technology as a selling strategy. As home builder virtual reality is increasingly adopted within the real estate industry, the technology is becoming more cost-effective and easier to use.

Find more on how this innovative technology is changing the real estate environment by taking a look at our previous blog on home builder virtual reality.

How is Virtual Reality Being Used by Home Builders?

By providing a virtual tour online or a headset, home builders can offer potential homebuyers an immersive firsthand look at their new homes. This saves your buyers both time and travel expenses to visit the homes in person. Not only can builders display the interior home design, but virtual reality technology can be used to digitally furnish the home and represent it as a virtual decorated model home. As the use of virtual reality continues to evolve within the real estate industry, this technology will modernize the homebuying experience.

There are several options for setting up your own home builder virtual reality content for homebuyers. Your team can purchase pre-programmed VR reality or even create its own VR platform, which is a more costly option. Then, you need to create virtual reality-friendly content, often offered by many video and content agencies for reasonable rates.

Advantages of Using Home Builder Virtual Reality

Virtual reality offers incredible benefits for both homebuyers and home builders during the buying experience. From offering greater flexibility to homebuyers to showcasing homes creatively and saving both money and time, there are several reasons home builders should consider incorporating this feature into their homebuying experience.

Expand Your Reach

Homebuyer demands for convenience during their customer experience are higher than ever, only emphasized by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether your homebuyers don’t have the time to visit your sales office or are relocating from distant locations, there are several factors that can make in-person visits tours challenging to arrange.

Home builder virtual reality offers these buyers the convenient option to take an immersive tour from wherever they are at any time. This means home builders can strategically promote their homes on a wider scale and expand their reach among homebuyers located throughout the country with greater flexibility.

Showcase Homes in an Engaging Way

Exhibiting your homes creatively to engage buyers can be challenging. Now, virtual reality delivers a wonderful opportunity to immerse homebuyers with a realistic, interactive experience. Rather than a video that walks buyers through the home, virtual reality allows participants to gain a better sense of the space and decide where they would like to go throughout the home.

This digital experience often produces a more compelling look into a property that is more effective for selling homes. Home builder virtual reality greatly enhances the homebuyer experience by delivering a unique opportunity to independently view homes at their convenience.

Reduces Staging Costs

From a cost perspective, virtual reality poses a beneficial opportunity to save substantial funding for model homes. As opposed to traditional model homes, virtual models cost significantly less to create. Virtual reality offers home builders new opportunities to forego physical display homes in favor of a cutting-edge digital experience. Typically, it requires a high cost for home builders to stage model homes. By using virtual reality, builders can digitally stage the home instead of using funds for interior decorators.

Saves More Time

The process of selling new homes and meeting with potential buyers is often very time-consuming. Instead of organizing times to show homes to each interested homebuyer, virtual reality offers each prospect the ability to tour the property themselves. This saves time for both your team and your customers during the buying process. Your team can skip the hassle of planning tours while your potential buyers enjoy the ease of virtually visiting your homes on their own time no matter their location.

Visualize Homes Before Construction

Creating a virtual reality walkthrough of a home can be completed before the home is actually built, providing home builders with a plethora of ways to take advantage of this technology.

Gain sales faster

With virtual reality, the obligation to delay marketing for new homes until their completion is a thing of the past. Instead, this technology allows builders to showcase their properties before they’re even built and potentially start the sales process sooner. Rather than waiting until buyers can make time to travel to the model home, you can utilize virtual reality to engage potential homebuyers within an earlier timeframe and deliver tours more quickly and conveniently.

Allow homebuyers to envision design options

When offering homebuyers different design options for their floorplan, it can be difficult for them to envision what their space will look like depending on what they choose.

Virtual reality enables home builders to interactively show homebuyers different possibilities for the home’s interior design. Along with being able to walk freely throughout the digital home, homebuyers can customize their view of the home and gain greater confidence in their purchase decision. Not only does this allow them to better visualize their new home ahead of time, but this cutting-edge feature also helps enhance their buying experience and build their excitement.

Improve home designs before building

Although the main purpose of virtual reality is to showcase homes to buyers, this technology can also be used to improve home designs. Before the home is built, home builders can take test walks throughout the virtual home to get a sense of the space and assess where design improvements can be made. By doing so, builders can make changes to the home before incurring costly expenses to implement these modifications, as well as deliver an even better product to their homebuyers.

Improve Website Traffic

As virtual reality is not yet entirely commonplace, implementing this feature is very likely to bring higher traffic to your home builder website as many buyers are eager to experience this technology. According to virtual reality leader Matterport, virtual tours available online are clicked on 40% more than listings without virtual tours. By boosting your website’s visitors, it will gain a better ranking, continue attracting more buyers and ultimately achieve greater sales.

As the website attracts new visitors interested in viewing your virtual tours, they will be engaged for longer periods as they browse through these immersive experiences. Consequently, the website’s bounce rate will decrease and lead to improved traffic and enhanced online reach as it rises among the search engine rankings.

Incorporate Home Builder Virtual Reality into Your Marketing Strategy

There’s no better time to get started incorporating home builder virtual reality into your sales strategy! Home builders without virtual reality services are often missing crucial opportunities to engage with many potential buyers. This immersive technology offers your homebuyers an engaging look at your properties that leads to more effective sales.

If your team has questions about employing virtual reality for marketing your company, we’re happy to help you get started! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build your brand with cutting-edge selling strategies.

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