Effective PPC Strategies for Home Builders and Developers

November 17, 2021

Effective PPC Strategies for Home Builders and Developers

Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising is an essential component of a successful digital marketing strategy for home builders and developers. These advertisements offer an easy way to garner high traffic, gain qualified leads and achieve a strong ROI.

By implementing PPC Google Ads, home builders and developers can achieve incredible visibility as this platform offers access to 90% of Internet users through two million websites. When used effectively, PPC ads also offer an advantageous opportunity to bolster brand awareness by 80% and gain insights about the target audience.

What are the advantages of PPC advertising?

Utilizing PPC ads grants home builders and developers a way to reach the top of search listings and instantly gain higher attention from their target audience. These ads offer a direct link to the home builder or developer website to boost traffic and deliver greater leads. Overall, this strategy is more costly, but it has the potential to offer outstanding benefits for home builders and developers such as:

  • Swift Results – While developing strong SEO is a long-term process, home builder and developer PPC advertising rapidly reaches prospective homebuyers and quickly delivers results. Instead of investing time toward improving SEO to achieve better visibility, PPC ads present a chance to reach homebuyers immediately.
  • High Visibility – Creating PPC ads allows home builders and developers to generate ads that appear above organic search results and gain higher attention from homebuyers seeking new homes.
  • Effective Targeting – PPC ads offer home builders and developers the opportunity to target the right audiences by selecting relevant keywords that increase the likelihood of visibility during the homebuyer search. Whenever homebuyers choose keywords that match or possess similarities to that of the PPC ads’ targeted phrases, the ads will appear as an applicable result.
  • Conversion Tracking – Home builders and developers can also utilize PPC ads to track the behavior of website visitors after clicking the ad. These ads allow businesses to determine whether each click led to a new lead to consistently assess ad performance and opportunities for improvement.

Below, we’ll share successful home builder and developer PPC strategies that drive greater lead conversions and promote a high ROI.

Pick branded keywords

Although the first step of developing a strong home builder and developer PPC campaign is selecting relevant, general keywords related to the company’s offerings, it’s also crucial to target branded terms that include the company name. If homebuyers search for certain home builders or developers, a PPC ad that targets branded keywords will be highly visible and quickly drive traffic to the website.

Although this may seem like wasted efforts since these buyers are already searching for your website, there are several reasons to make this tactic a priority. Often new homebuyers learn about communities through word-of-mouth, physical signage, online home listings, etc. However, these sources aren’t guaranteed to provide suitable information, which means these homebuyers may search for the home builder or developer online. Home builders and developers should capitalize on this possibility by simplifying the search process for these potential leads. Another reason to implement branded keywords is that if your business doesn’t take the top spot among search results for the company, it’s likely that competitors will buy the brand name in order to appear above your company’s organic search listing, which leads to lost potential leads.

Add negative keywords

Negative keywords are a great way to improve the chances of receiving clicks from qualified leads. Rather than identifying the words the home builder and developer PPC ads target, negative keywords indicate the searches they should not target. After selecting keywords, it’s common for the PPC ads to target variations of those phrases in attempt to capture related traffic.

For example, let’s say a home builder or developer has a community in Colorado and chooses to target the keywords “local master-planned community.” Eventually, this could lead to variations of those keywords being targeted such as “Nebraska local master-planned community,” which wouldn’t produce relevant traffic for those businesses. By selecting negative keywords, home builders and developers can target their target audiences more carefully and reduce their unqualified traffic.

Optimize your landing pages

Creating home builder and developer PPC ads that have great visibility and engaging copy is only the start of how to achieve a high ROI from your advertising strategy. Next, it’s important to consider where buyers are directed to after they click your PPC ads. The quality and content of a real estate landing page are critical determining factors of whether buyers will be converted to a lead or if they will move on to a competitor. Landing pages should be optimized for the best chances of capturing new leads and engaging prospective buyers.

Ensure landing pages are mobile-friendly

The first step to optimizing the landing page is ensuring it is optimized for mobile visitors. Research shows that about 58% of all online searches are conducted through mobile devices. If mobile visitors click the PPC ads and are directed to a website that isn’t mobile-friendly, they’ll likely experience long load times and difficulty navigating the site. As a result, they’ll be much more likely to click away, you’ll quickly lose potential leads and marketing dollars are ultimately wasted. However, ensuring the landing page is optimized for mobile will deliver an easier, faster and more user-friendly experience for mobile visitors that will enhance their discovery and lead to more conversions.

Accommodate buyers with multiple landing pages

Not every potential buyer is the same, and home builder and developer PPC ads should accommodate that by offering different ad versions that appeal to various stages of the buyer’s journey. Utilize distinct landing pages that attract buyers who are just beginning their search for builders and developers, as well as those who are ready to buy.

While implementing these separate landing pages, be sure to match each page with an applicable ad. Builders and developers can either create landing pages specifically to accompany an ad or produce an ad that promotes the information found on a specific landing page that already exists. Either the ad or landing page should be tailored for the other to guarantee that the landing page offers visitors the information they expect as this is more likely to improve the leads the ads produce.

Compel buyers with a strong CTA

Not only should the landing page function well and offer visitors relevant information, but it should also deliver a compelling call to action (CTA). Once the page provides the information homebuyers are looking for, make it simple for visitors to continue engaging with the business and request their contact information.

Utilize ad extensions

A key consideration of setting up strong home builder and developer PPC ads is considering how they appear to potential leads. What information is the target audience most likely to be seeking? When they see the PPC ad, what information would be most likely to draw them in? Although a typical PPC ad offers a headline linked to the landing page and a short description, Google Ads also provide several ad extension options to share additional details with homebuyers that may entice them to click including:

  • Location – This option allows home builders and developers to share the street address of their business. Adding this extension both indicates authenticity and invites interested leads to visit the office.
  • Price – In the new home industry, price is one of the most important factors to homebuyers. That’s why the price extension can be highly beneficial as it allows home builders and developers to provide vital information. Although higher prices may deter more users, this leads to fewer low-quality leads and more qualified leads.
  • Sitelink – This feature allows home builders and developers to share links to different pages on their website that may interest homebuyers. By including this extension, PPC ads can lead potential leads more directly to the information they’re seeking and improve the click-through rate (CTR) of the ads.
  • Call This addition allows home builders and developers to provide a phone number for their business. As noted previously, the number of searches conducted through mobile devices is high, which means that adding a call extension easily encourages local homebuyers to contact the business and provides a straightforward way to do so right away.
  • Callout – Not to be confused with the Call extension, the Callout option provides home builders and developers with an additional 25 characters to share more information about the company. This can be used to include any additional information that increases the business’ appeal such as benefits and notable offers.

By including one of these ad extensions, home builders and developers strengthen the possibility that homebuyers will gain interest more quickly, become converted to leads or contact the business directly for more information.

Conduct a remarketing campaign

Even if visitors leave the landing page without providing contact information, all hope is not lost! Remarketing allows home builders and developers to retarget homebuyers after they engage with their website but fail to act. Home builders and developers can link remarketing campaigns to a “Contact Us” page to call homebuyer attention back to their original interest in the page. By conducting these remarketing campaigns, builders and developers can avoid losing potential leads by reminding them of their visit with related ads. This often improves brand recall among homebuyers and drives greater conversions.

Measure results and assess

Similar to most elements of an effective digital marketing strategy, home builder and developer PPC ads require a consistent assessment of results for the best chances of success. Ad campaigns are a work in progress, which means home builders and developers should always work to improve PPC ads by measuring performance throughout and after ad launch. After conducting a PPC ad campaign, it’s crucial to monitor the results, assess any ads that underperform and strategically modify tactics to drive stronger results and provide a higher ROI.

Produce Successful PPC Advertising Results by Partnering with Experts

Pay-per-Click ads are an undeniable asset for home builders and developers seeking to strengthen their advertising strategy. Our team is filled with experts that are skilled in producing incredible PPC advertising results that generate high-quality leads.

We specialize in helping home builders and developers present their brand to the right audience, and there’s no better way to gain abundant introductions and high reach than with PPC advertising. Contact us today to achieve more leads, more traffic and most importantly, higher ROI on your advertising strategy.

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