Lead Generation on Social Media for Home Builders

July 14, 2021

Lead Generation on Social Media for Home Builders

Generating new leads requires utilizing modern marketing approaches through online channels to effectively reach new customers. One of the most valuable avenues to generating new leads and remaining top-of-mind for potential customers is social media. Social media is said by 59% of marketers worldwide to be one of the most successful tactics used for improving lead generation quality.

There’s no better place to find and market to today’s buyers as it is estimated that over 3.6 billion people use social media worldwide, which is projected to continue growing to 4.41 billion in 2025. To efficiently reach audiences and generate sales leads, brands must implement a tactical branding and social media strategy.

If executed well, a brand’s social media strategy can drastically boost brand awareness and engagement, as well as drive higher levels of website traffic. We’ve provided guidelines to the best practices for gaining high-quality leads through social media channels.

Enhance Social Media Presence

Find Target Audience – Take the time to truly understand the brand’s target audience and prioritize learning where individuals spend their time online. This provides insight into where the brand’s focus and content should be, as well as the platforms on which it is most likely to perform well and reach its intended audience.

Offer Compelling Content – To generate leads, the brand’s social media content must be captivating to attract attention. Brand imagery should be high-quality, cohesive and sharp to interest followers with a persuasive copy to draw them further to the brand – like a moth to a light! Ideally, content of this caliber should tempt social media users to click and learn more about the post’s focus.

Create Calls-to-Action

#ReplyPost – Host social conversations by inviting followers to respond to the brand’s social media content to build relationships with customers. One way to open up the floor to discussion is to use #ReplyPost to indicate that the post is intended to receive responses and input from others.

By establishing the brand’s social media as an outlet for two-way communication between the company and its customers, the brand can build follower engagement, which in turn leads to increases in reach and exposure. Not only does this allow followers to share their opinions, but these engagement-boosting posts also enable the brand to demonstrate its loyalty and dedication to customers by responding quickly and skillfully.

Offer Website Link – Every post from the brand is an opportunity to refer those interested to the website for more details. Posts should be attention-grabbing without giving away all the important information in order to drive users to the website. Brands can either provide the website link within the post or add the website link to the company’s social media bio and direct followers by suggesting they visit the link in bio or utilizing the popular #LinkInBio.

Add Action Buttons – Depending on the platform, brands often add unique profile features to differentiate their profile and provide users with a defined call-to-action such as buttons to request more information, schedule an appointment or subscribe to the company newsletter. This allows interested followers to easily delve further into company information and provide contact information.

Provide Info to Learn More – Customers shouldn’t have to look too hard to find important information. All contact and website information should be readily available on the company’s social media profiles to enable the possibility of organic lead collection.

Upon visiting the company profile and locating the website link, users should be directed to a seamless landing page that contains relevant content. If users were referred to the link to find specific information, that content should be available. If it isn’t, users are much more likely to disregard the page and end their search.

Offer Incentives

One of the easiest ways to get users to share information is to provide an incentive to do so. Based on the brand goal, the incentive can be dependent on achieving certain milestones such as increasing followers, improving reach and awareness or boosting engagement.

Contests or Giveaway – Hosting a contest that offers a prize incentive is a popular way to attract attention and collect leads. For best results, users should be presented with a simple or appealing way to be included in the fun! Different types of social media contests that home builders can employ include providing a link to a landing page that requests contact information or encouraging followers to visit their model home and share what they loved most on social media to be entered for a chance to win a prize.

Share Examples

Showcase Homes – To truly grab the attention of potential leads, it’s essential for builders to share examples of their work, as this will be a vital source of content to attract new customers. Show followers an inside look at newly built homes and be sure to emphasize work the brand takes pride in for the best chances of achieving high engagement. Brands should also highlight what sets their work apart from other builders to show the most unique facets of their homes that are likely to draw in potential buyers.

Social Proof – When it comes to marketing a brand’s product and services, social proof is highly important and plays a role in gaining the trust of potential leads. Sharing social proof in the form of testimonials or customer stories is an incomparable way to showcase how other customers found value in the brand and its products or services. Providing potential leads with social proof content is one of the top ways to boast the brand’s merit without directly using sales-related language about what the business offers.

Target Leads with Ads

Targeting the brand’s audience with paid social media ads is a valuable method to offer potential leads with relevant content specifically tailored to their interests and needs in order to improve engagement rates. These digital ads can be used to reach specific audiences based on location, online behaviors, and interests among other factors. Social media ads also play a key role in effectively retargeting potential buyers. Brands can go further to improve lead collection by taking advantage of lead generation ads that provide a pre-populated form that can be briskly filled out by potential leads. This offers the opportunity to accelerate lead acquisition and augment lead conversions.

Utilize Analytics to Improve

Developing an effective social media strategy to collect leads should be centered around consistent improvement and adjustments to keep up with the target audience. Brands can take advantage of analytics tools to ascertain how each social media channel performs, as well as the type of content on each platform that is received best among the target audience.

Utilize both social media analytics available from native sites and Google Analytics to monitor user interaction with the brand on social media and assess how often the brand’s social media pages drive traffic to the website. This provides sufficient information to determine which social media channels the brand should focus on based on the traffic each drives and how well they perform each month in terms of reach and engagement.

Develop Exceptional Branding with Milesbrand to Attract High-Quality Leads

Social media is a key platform for sharing brand value and expanding its online presence to attract new leads. It’s crucial for the business to have cohesive branding that leaves a solid impression on new customers. And that’s where Milesbrand steps in to lend a hand!

With our expertise, unparalleled attention to detail and exceptional execution, we can deliver memorable branding imagery for your business that will truly set it apart on social media. We create value by finding our clients’ Brand DNA, its compelling element that we bring to life throughout creative and strategic campaigns, imagery and content. Talk to us today to discuss how we can help you develop incredible branding and introduce it to the right audiences.

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