Lead Generation on Social Media for Home Builders

April 20, 2023

Lead Generation on Social Media for Home Builders

Social media is one of the most valuable tools for generating new leads and maintaining the interest of potential buyers. With 77% of social media marketers worldwide saying their marketing specialty has been very effective for their company, social media is one of the most successful tactics for improving lead generation and quality. To effectively reach new customers and produce sales leads, new home builders and developers must implement modern marketing approaches through online channels.

The audience for social media has reached 4.7 billion worldwide users, and there’s no better place to find and market to today’s buyers than social media platforms. To reach target audiences and generate leads effectively, companies must create and implement tactical social media and branding strategies.

If appropriately executed, a home builder’s social media strategy can drastically enhance engagement and brand awareness and increase website traffic. To help, Milesbrand created guidelines for the most effective practices for gaining high-quality leads through social media channels. Here are our tips:

Boost Social Media Presence

Find Target Audience

When working to boost a home builder or developer’s social media presence, it is essential to understand the target audience. While genuinely understanding the intended audience may take time, it is important to prioritize learning where specific individuals spend their time online, when the target audience is most active on social media and what content gets the most engagement. This type of information delivers insight into the platforms to focus on and where content will most likely reach its target audience.

Provide Intriguing Content

With the ever-changing algorithm of social media, staying in the know on what is trending and what performs well on each social media platform can completely transform your online presence. To generate leads and maximize engagement, social media content must be compelling while also following rising popularity trends. The goal is to provide intriguing content encouraging users to click and learn more about the home builder or developer.

Part of creating an effective branding and social media strategy is implementing tools to boost engagement across social media channels. Specifically for Instagram, the engagement rate is measured by comments, shares, likes, saves, hashtags, mentions, DMs and accounts engaged. A page’s engagement rate determines where it ranks within the algorithm lineup – the higher up in the algorithm lineup, the more accounts the home builder or developer’s content reaches. Some ways home builders can increase engagement on Instagram are:

•    Reels – The easiest way to reach the intended audience is to utilize Instagram reels. These vertical video shorts have taken Instagram by storm and work to boost the engagement rate by attracting new profile visitors and potential new followers.
•    Stories – Instagram stories are the best way to get authentic with followers. With 58% of Instagram users stating that they’ve become more interested in a brand through stories, this interactive tool allows users to ask questions and answer polls – offering an additional opportunity for social media pages to boost engagement.
•    Carousels – With the highest average engagement rate of all types of Instagram posts, carousels get approximately 3.1x more engagement than regular posts. Carousel posts are a great way to share multiple images on a particular post.

Create Calls-to-Action


Build relationships with customers by inviting users to respond to social content. The most common way to start the conversation is to use #ReplyPost within the content’s caption – this indicates that the comment section is open to receive responses and input from others. 

It is easy for a home builder to build follower engagement and produce leads by establishing social media as an outlet for two-way communication between the company and its customers. These lead-generating posts demonstrate dedication to customers, and enables users a place to voice opinions and concerns.

Provide Website Links

Every post is an opportunity to connect potential homebuyers to the website for additional information. Posts need to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing, but they shouldn’t give away all the significant information that drives potential customers to the website. Depending on the platform, either provide the website link within the post or add the website link to the company’s profile bio and direct users by encouraging them to visit the link in the bio using #LinkInBio.

Offer Information to Learn More

Allow users to easily find important information by providing all contact and website information on the company’s social media profiles to enable the opportunity for lead generation. After visiting the company’s profile and locating the website link, users should be immediately directed to a landing page that offers relevant information. Users should always be referred to a landing page that provides the information they are looking for – if they are not, users are much more likely to disregard the page.

Offer Incentives


Hosting a giveaway that offers prize incentives is a popular way to generate leads and gain attention. For effective results, present users with a simple yet fun contest! Different ways to increase lead collection while hosting a giveaway or contest are:

•    Provide a link to a landing page that requests contact information.
•    Require contest applicants to follow social pages and tag a friend in the comments.
•    Encourage followers to visit a model home and share what they love the most about it on social media.

Target Leads with Ads

Provide potential leads with personalized content according to their needs and interests by targeting the intended audience with paid social media ads. As one of the most valuable methods for improving engagement rates, tailor digital advertising to reach a specific audience based on geographic location, interests, social media habits and age, among many other factors. 

Retarget potential leads via paid social media ads to adequately and boost lead collection through lead generation ads. With lead ads, when users are presented with an ad that sparks their interest, they can easily submit their information without exiting the mobile application or desktop window. This allows home builders to gain information on new leads without providing a landing page – accelerating lead acquisition and lead conversions.

Utilize Analytics to Improve

Creating a successful social media strategy consists of constantly adjusting factors and improving the understanding of your target audience. Analytics offer insight into how each social media platform performs and what type of content receives the most engagement. It is important to note that certain types of content tend to act differently across different platforms.

Social media analytics, provided on native sites, and Google Analytics offer insight including measurements, including page visits, accounts reached, like count, website traffic and more. By assessing each platform’s analytics, a home builder can determine which social media channel is the best fit for reaching its target audience.

Attract High-Quality Leads by Developing Exceptional Branding with Milesbrand

When attracting new leads, social media is one of the most effective channels for expanding online presence and sharing brand value. Businesses must provide cohesive branding across all platforms that leave a lasting impression on new and potential customers.

At Milesbrand, we take pride in our exceptional execution and unparalleled attention to detail. We ensure that our team of talented experts can deliver memorable branding for your home building business that will set your company apart on social media. Contact our team today to learn more about how you can partner with us.

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