Social Media Content and Engagement Strategies for Home Builders and Developers

June 22, 2022

Social Media Content and Engagement Strategies for Home Builders and Developers

Social media has become a cornerstone for connecting brands with their target audiences today. As a home builder or developer, you may think social media is a better fit for brands selling items online or encouraging buyers to visit a storefront. But the truth is that social media is highly beneficial for building a recognizable brand and directly connecting with your audience and – home builders and developers are no exception.

Building exceptional homes and communities isn’t enough if your brand isn’t drawing homebuyer attention and forming a community with your audience. The best way to do just that is by forming a strong social media presence. This task may seem daunting, but with the help of strong content and engagement strategies, your brand can successfully reach and engage its audience through social media.

Openly communicating with your buyers and potential leads through social media is a powerful way to build greater brand visibility and credibility. The more present your home builder or developer brand is across several platforms, the easier it will be for buyers to trust you as their partner when choosing a new home or master-planned community.

Ready to accelerate your home builder or developer social media strategy? Let’s explore content approaches that will allow your brand to effectively engage your target audience!

New Home Spotlights

Purchasing a home is a major life decision, and it’s only natural that homebuyers will want proof of the quality of your homes and communities. As a home builder or developer, one of the most valuable social media rules to follow is never waste opportunities to show off your work on social media. It should be a habit to snap high-quality photos of your best homes and find openings to place this content at the forefront. Homebuyers crave eye-catching visuals including any photos of your new homes that they can get!

Make sure to provide a firsthand look by highlighting finished homes, giving a glimpse into model homes or featuring home designs that are popular with your customers. Sharing this content will help garner stronger engagement and build brand credibility. Along with creating a consistent stream of engaging content, this will also inspire homebuyers to consider you as they conduct their new home search for the right builder.

Video Shorts

Along with high-quality images, sharing videos on social media is a great way to expand your visual content. Half of social media users prefer video over other types of content and 85% want more videos from brands. More and more builders and developers are leveraging Instagram Reels and TikTok posts to quickly engage their audience with short videos featuring homes and master-planned communities.

The real estate industry is immersed with visuals of homes, communities and more, which means home builders and developers can easily take advantage of this for their social media content. Give your audience a virtual community tour, take them through your favorite projects, show off popular home designs, bring them along for the closing day of a new home, answer frequently-asked questions – the choices are endless.

Team-Centered Content

No great brand would be where it is without its employees! Don’t forget to show off the people that help your brand reach success by sharing team-centered content. Sharing experiences from your employees serves as a fantastic source of content for your brand's social media platforms.

Not only will this help homebuyers learn more about your company, but this also humanizes your brand by giving your audience a sneak peek behind the curtain. Today, customers want to know they are purchasing from a business with a company culture and people that they support. Potential homebuyers will ultimately place greater trust in your brand and feel more comfortable reaching out to real people rather than a faceless business.

Homebuyers will also be swayed to engage with posts that authentically showcase the faces that make up your brand. A study from the Georgia Institute of Technology found that pictures with faces are 38% more likely to receive likes, as well as 32% more likely to attract comments. Sharing photos of your team is also more likely to be spread by your team members themselves and will reach an even wider audience!


Effective social media strategies inspire engagement and allow your brand to communicate with others. Don’t be afraid to ask for comments from your followers! A great way to encourage users to engage with your content is by asking a question followed by “#ReplyPost” to indicate that you want to hear responses from your audience. By consistently earning audience responses online, your brand will be more likely to connect and leave memorable impressions on potential buyers.

Posing questions to your audience is a fantastic way to not only encourage interactions but to learn something new about their interests and preferences. Their answers could even create opportunities for engaging discussions with your potential leads. Some questions you can present to your audience on social media could include:

  • What does your dream home look like?
  • What is a must-have for your new home?
  • This home design or that home design?
  • What would be the ideal aesthetic for your new home?

After posting this content and gaining responses, your work isn’t over! It’s also important to continue interacting with your audience by replying to their comments. Responding to comments indicates that you appreciate your audience taking the time to share their opinion, you care about what they have to say and want to encourage them to continue responding to your content in the future.

Happy Homeowner Features

After you’ve successfully built a new home for your customers, this is a great opportunity to show off your homes as well as your happy homeowners! If you have successfully delighted your homebuyers, why not share that on your social media channels? Featuring your happy homeowners is an easy way to produce relevant brand content while also authentically showing buyers that you’re good at satisfying your buyers and delivering exceptional homes.

Many home builders and developers use the closing day as a chance to showcase homeowners who are taking the first step into their new home and an exciting new lifestyle. Potential homebuyers exploring your social media will be inspired by the joy of your customers and desire the same homebuying experience for their families when it comes time to find or build their new homes.

User-Generated Content

When it comes to your social media content, not everything has to come directly from your brand. Instead, sharing user-generated content – any content created by your supporters or homeowners – is a great way to indirectly build brand awareness and expand your reach!

The best part of this strategy is the weight of producing original, engaging content ideas doesn’t always have to be on your team’s shoulders. This free promotion you receive from your customers can eliminate the time spent on trying to consistently fill up your social media content schedule while engaging your audience with input from your real homebuyers.

Feel-Good Posts

Although it’s a great practice to feature your work, it’s also important for home builders and developers to branch outside of business-related content. Show your audience that you don’t solely want their business, you want to build two-way relationships. Maybe your brand volunteers and supports charity causes, stays involved within the community or simply has exciting announcements to share about your team – this is all great news to blast on social media!

No matter the occasion, sharing feel-good posts helps your brand establish a positive reputation that helps define your brand and leaves a memorable impact on your audience. Giving back to great causes is something that should always be highlighted, so don’t be shy! This content demonstrates what your brand values beyond business and builds stronger trust with homebuyers. When homebuyers are searching for home builders and developers, they will remember and admire businesses that care about their community. Spreading good news from your team also portrays your brand as personable and caring. And, of course, the more authentic your brand is, the more your audience will want to connect with you!

Build Your Home Builder or Developer Social Media Presence with Successful Strategies

The benefits of social media marketing for home builders and developers are truly limitless with the right content and engagement strategies.

Interested in gaining more social media marketing strategies to boost your home builder or developer business? Contact our team today for engaging content ideas and strategies that will elevate your social media presence.

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