How to Make Your Mixed-Use Community a Destination

April 06, 2023

How to Make Your Mixed-Use Community a Destination

Mixed-use communities are popular as they offer a variety of benefits for residents, visitors and businesses alike. Following the principles of New Urbanism and focusing on connection, convenience and appeal makes it easy for real estate developers to create a mixed-use community that is a desirable destination. This is placemaking at its best! 

The five key traits that make mixed-use communities appealing destinations include:


One of the primary appeals of mixed-use communities is the ability to walk or bike to various destinations within the neighborhood. Providing an abundance of work, shopping, dining and recreational opportunities within a five-to-10-minute walk from home reduces the need for cars, encourages physical activity and wellness, and fosters a greater sense of connection among residents.

Incorporate bike lanes, paths and bike racks for residents who enjoy biking to work, around the community or visiting local businesses. Providing residents and visitors with a variety of biking opportunities reduces the need for cars and delivers an eco-friendly option to the community.

Feature wide sidewalks to allow residents, office workers and visitors to get from place to place safely and efficiently. Showcasing sidewalks along the community common spaces and residential areas encourages community members to engage in physical activity and provides a sense of connectivity throughout the neighborhood.


Mixed-use communities incorporate a mix of residential, commercial and recreational spaces, catering to a diverse range of people with different lifestyles and preferences. This diversity can make the area more vibrant and attractive to visitors while allowing residents to live, work and play all within the same place.

Ways to deliver diversity within your mixed-use community include incorporating a mix of businesses and offices, as well as offering a wide array of housing styles. Providing a town center allows residents, visitors and office workers to enjoy community recreation, dining and shopping in one diversified common space while delivering a variety of home designs, such as single-family homes, townhomes, apartments and other styles, allows residents of all lifestyles and preferences to enjoy living in your mixed-use community.


A mix of amenities, including retail stores, restaurants, parks and entertainment options, contributes to the appeal of mixed-use communities. These amenities not only serve the needs of residents but also attract visitors, creating a lively atmosphere. 

Whether it’s a space to grab a glass of wine after work or enjoy appetizers with friends on the weekend, providing a wide range of dining options is essential to making your mixed-use community into a hot destination. Residents can enjoy the convenience of walking to their favorite community dinner spot after a long day directly from their homes. 

Amenities such as coffee shops, wine bars, and microbreweries make great spaces for connection among residents. You can also feature luxury amenities such as boutique shops, beauty salons and convenient necessities such as a post office, dry cleaner or food market.


Mixed-use communities often incorporate sustainable design principles, such as energy-efficient buildings, green spaces and reduced dependence on automobiles. This focus on sustainability makes these communities more environmentally friendly and appealing to environmentally conscious individuals. Showcase your community’s sustainability by promoting a community garden, focusing on large parks with extensive green spaces or interconnective bike lanes, walking paths and nature trails.

Sense of community

The proximity of various land uses and the emphasis on public spaces in mixed-use communities can help to foster a strong sense of community among residents. This can make the area more attractive to people who value social connections and a sense of belonging.

Provide visitors, residents and community workers with communal spaces, such as a small amphitheater for local artists to perform, an event center for community workshops and events or a common area in the town center for community gatherings.

Make Your Mixed-Use Community a Destination

Overall, mixed-use communities offer an appealing combination of convenience, diversity, and quality of life, making them attractive destinations for residents and visitors. At Milesbrand, our team can help you develop a brand identity to ensure your mixed-use community is successful. Contact us today for more information about our process and real estate development marketing

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