How to Market Your Master-Planned Development Before Construction Is Complete

July 14, 2022

How to Market Your Master-Planned Development Before Construction Is Complete

How do you market a master-planned community that hasn’t been built yet? Before the streets are constructed, amenities are completed and the model homes are ready to be toured, how can you effectively reach buyers and share what your community has to offer?

They say actions speak louder than words, but when it comes to building a master-planned community, the words often have to come first. In this case, taking action requires physically constructing a top-notch community. This process can take a great deal of time to complete, but your marketing efforts can't afford to wait. As you break ground on your projects, establishing strong branding and marketing strategies will create an essential foundation and set your development up for future success.

Although it may seem overwhelming to build a marketing strategy before your master-planned development is complete, it will save you plenty of time and effort down the line. This valuable head start doesn't even have to be expensive! Digital content marketing often costs 62% less than traditional marketing tactics while generating around three times as many leads.  

As consumers tour home after home, they may become overwhelmed while facing decisions on pricing, locations and amenities. Among their many new home community options, having an exceptional outward-facing brand will easily make you stand out against competitors. The sooner you start marketing your master-planned development, the better!

Marketing Before Your Homes Are On The Market

We've all heard about the value of establishing a simple, engaging brand that is easy for consumers to remember. Unfortunately, the length of your community's name and tagline does not correspond to the length of the branding process. Developing holistic brand aspects for your company is a task that can take years. Branding is a consistently ongoing process that continuously enhances and defines the identity of your company and its development.

As the creative endeavor progresses, you'll likely discover a need for additional pieces you had never even considered. To create truly unforgettable branding, you need to focus on details like: 

  • Brand logo
  • Brand colors
  • Shared company language
  • Implicit and implied brand promises
  • Image standards

Milesbrand can assist you in the development and execution of your brand plan. Though our professionals help you to expedite the process, we also know that your one-of-a-kind community deserves cohesive branding, and that takes time.

Every dollar and moment of time that you invest into your brand is also an investment in the consumer experience. While branding helps to showcase your identity and offerings, it’s also an element that improves your ability to effectively reach and engage with potential buyers. It's no secret that buying a home is an extremely emotional, important decision. The sooner you can connect with buyers' hearts and pique their interest, the sooner you'll have them booking tours and imagining themselves calling your community home. 


Bringing Master-Planned Marketing to Your Audiences

The most effective branding strategies have a specific target audience in mind. Though it's fun to create something that everyone loves, it's better to focus on building a strong relationship with specific audiences in your market. By doing so, your development can be marketed to an audience whose needs and desires it most closely resonates with, which will ultimately result in stronger engagement rates. In the long-term, creating a potentially small group of close connections and leads will be much more lucrative than reaching a greater number of buyers who only feel lukewarm about what your development has to offer. 

When it comes to marketing your master-planned development, there are two primary groups to win over: real estate agents and prospective buyers. 

Real Estate Agents

Ties between community developers and real estate agencies are the epitome of a mutually beneficial relationship. For real estate agents, outstanding master-planned developments are a gold mine full of incredible new home options they can showcase to their clients. Agents reap the benefits of offering their clientele a wider variety of the latest home designs with ranging luxury features and livable layouts that meet varying buyer needs. With more homes to work with, they're more likely to find the perfect match for each family they meet. 

As a marketer for a community, the value of these agencies cannot be overstated. Partnering with real estate agencies means easier sales for your community and less work for your sales team. Each agent does the work of fostering one-on-one relationships with their clients and can create the personalized selling process each buyer needs. If you can make real estate professionals excited about your development’s new home builds, you'll be rewarded with increased visits and sales. 

Direct-to-Consumer Selling

In some cases, it's possible to cut out the middle man. Homebuyers who are looking to save a little money may choose to shop without an agent. However, without a guide directing their new home search, these savvy shoppers will be sure to do their research. It is crucial that your community provides abundant content for them to discover as they begin browsing through their options. Successfully reaching these buyers also requires strong messaging that aligns with the target audience members’ priorities and an ability to effectively convey the development’s lifestyle opportunity.

Though these prospective customers may not be interested in your community pre-construction, your early marketing tactics will still help draw them in. Homebuyers expect excellence from the builders and developers they consider for finding the right new home community. That excellence starts with creating a high-quality, trustworthy online presence for your master-planned development. Every marketing touchpoint should be an exceptional representation of the customer experience buyers can expect if they should choose to work with your business. The longer your brand has been present online, the easier it will be to discover and the more credible and reliable it will appear. The more your development appears online during buyer searches, the stronger your brand recognition and awareness will be as well.

Simple Strategies for Building Brand Recognition

Clearly, content creation and marketing are important. You know when to get started (now!), but how

In the digital era, marketing has never been easier or less expensive. However, this simplicity also means that web users are inundated by ads, options and flashy distractions. Here's how to make your development feel like a place buyers can call home online. 

Establish a Clear Vision

Your brand shouldn't just serve to name your community and its values — it should reinforce them. As you brainstorm names, logos and taglines, don't lose sight of the promises you want to keep to your customers.

Luxury homes should come with classy names, as well as the upscale attention-to-detail you would expect from a higher price tag. Nature-oriented communities should include branding details that tie back to their best outdoor assets and use their brand to continuously share the beauty of an active life enjoyed in nature.

Flashy and unique titles can be fun, but above all else, your designs should never be a distraction from the community’s values and promises. 

Create a Strong Community Website

As you begin marketing your master-planned community, it’s crucial to build a strong website. This will serve as one of your most powerful marketing tools for capturing buyer interest and lead conversions. The development website should ultimately act as the final landing place for every marketing activity you enact. This is where buyers will explore what your community has to offer before they can see it for themselves in person and begin forming an impression of your brand. For the best chances of keeping buyers engaged on the site, it should be responsive, have a quick loading time and be optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). To create a strong website design, you should also be sure to include:

  • Prominent calls-to-action (contact forms, VIP list signups, newsletter signups, digital brochure downloads, etc.)
  • Several options to contact your team (phone numbers, email, social media platforms, live chat, etc.)
  • Interactive community map
  • Blog and other informative resources
Bolster Your Social Media Presence

Marketing new communities comes with the challenge of building up a social media presence. Unfortunately, it's common for users to be wary of social media accounts that are very young. Why should buyers trust the reputation of a page that was created just months ago, with sporadic posts?

But your online presence has to start somewhere. Without anything tangible to share just yet, marketers must sell the idea of the development’s new homes and the joy families will experience living within the community. We suggest posting regularly by sharing thoughtful content that fits your brand and matches your target audience’s interests. Social media should serve as an outlet to form relationships with buyers and initiate engaging conversations to build interest. The sooner you can make your development’s online presence look trustworthy, the sooner you can start successfully connecting with potential buyers

The great question, then, is: What should you post exactly? If you're beginning your marketing pre-construction, you don't have the luxury of professional, stunning shots of brand-new homes at your disposal. What you do have, however, is the technology to bring your blueprints to life. We recommend leveraging programs that can build 3D renderings. These virtual images build anticipation and allow your followers to begin picturing themselves within one of your new homes. Don’t leave your audience waiting to see what your homes will look like, or they’ll be more likely to lose interest, explore other options and potentially find their new home in another development.

Amplify Your Virtual Voice

Once you've created top-quality content, it's time to ensure that potential shoppers can see it. Although consistently posting pieces will increase your chances of being discovered, promoting your work or optimizing it for search engines will provide additional assistance. The number of results that find their way to the first page of Google Search purely organically is dropping every year, so make sure to use other efforts, including:

Writing blogs and publishing them on the development website is also a great way to improve your SEO. Potential blog topics could include:

  • Floor Plan Features
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
  • Amenity Features
  • Things to Do in the Surrounding Area
  • Join the VIP List

The more blog content you publish, the more opportunities there are for buyers to come across your page while conducting online searches. When buyers begin to search for new homes or master-planned communities online, blogs with optimized keywords can increase your site’s rankings among the search results. The higher your website ranks and the more frequently it appears in results, the more likely it will be to receive strong organic traffic from search engine users. Ultimately, the more website traffic your development receives, the stronger its brand reach and awareness will become.

Head Start Your Master-Planned Development Marketing Strategy with Milesbrand

The Milesbrand team specializes in connecting master-planned communities with their future residents. We'll work with you one-on-one to build and execute a master-planned community marketing strategy that is perfectly suited to your needs and vision.  

Through our years of delivering exceptional real estate brands and mastering marketing strategies, we've earned a reputation as the gold standard. Now, it's time to build yours. Contact us today! 

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